I had an opportunity of serving as a registrar and later as a pharmacist on the same day at a one day Medical Camp that was held at Emwaniro Church of God on 6th August 2012. For those who are not well conversant with Kenya, Emwaniro is found in the Western parts of Kenya, Khwisero District of Kakamega County. That’s enough background information. Tembea Kenya!!

Back to business. There are things that happened at the Medical Camp that cemented the position of Egerton University in Kenya. They tell the reason why Egerton University is in Kenya. They explain why majority of the student population at the “World class University for Advancement of Humanity” are Kenyans. Looking at the population visa vie the multitude of ‘patients’ at the Camp, there are only but a few striking differences.

To start with, the Egerton population is made up of educated comrades whereas my ‘patients’ were majorly illiterate. Secondly, most Egertonians are below 35 years of age; yet if may be very wrong I registered not more than twenty people as patients below 35 years. Lastly, Egerton is a multi-tribal institution, on the other hand, the Medical Camp catered mostly for one tribe.

However, similarities between the two populations are as many as my fingers. I might not exhaust them. First, Egertonians are best known for struggling on the line during the on-line registration process or the VC’s luncheon. My villagers, better still, my patients did not disappoint in that sector either. There was pushing and shoving until a stranger would have mistaken the Medical Camp for a Political rally with people fighting for fifty bob from an aspirant who has no future in politics. The ‘patients’ forgot their ailments for a moment to fight for their position on the line, just in as much same way Egerton guys forget the number of girls they are or have hit on. Some forgot that they are lady-patients just in the same way Egerton ladies forget the number of men – politicians? – they are usually out to impress. Not that ladies are supposed to be weak!! This side of the universe, ladies are reserved.

Secondly, the church leaders were out to show their might and power in the Church – not through miracles! – just in the same way our dear SUEU leaders usually flex their muscles to show their might during room allocation process. A pastor, full with the pastoral attire and the ‘Holy Collar’ – could smuggle several patients into the line in broad daylight!! This is the same way SUEU leaders smuggle names of their supposed friends into the lists of rather important and genuine issues addressed by the University. Such lists include The Work Study list which is meant to benefit needy students and The Electoral Body’s list which is meant to have non-partisan members. These lists found themselves in great jeopardy. Then we ask ourselves why votes are rigged…

Faking of documents and arguments to authenticate certain diseases that some students are supposedly suffering from is rife in Egerton. This is done for benefits. At the Emwaniro Medical Camp, some ‘patients’ faked diseases to obtain medication and even have a chance to speak to or even be touched by a doctor. Some do not know how to fake – not that am an expert. But I also know some Egertonians who are still amateurs in faking. They get caught in the process and end up somewhere else. The ‘patients’ who faked diseases ended up mostly with paracetamols. A student says he has an ICDL certificate yet he can’t do simple computer operations. The same way, a patient explains to have had a 5 year history of arthritis yet the Emwaniro Medical Camp was their first visit to the Doctor!! Seriously?!!?

The ‘late comers’ are not spared in positioning Egerton on the Kenyan map. These are Egertonians (read patients) who complain a lot – and even curse – of how the registrars and the Medics are just but a batch of illiterate good-for-nothing mongrels. They complain so much until one can’t help but wonder why the Medical Camp Organisers (read Egerton Administration) hired such kind of incompetent staff. The ‘patients (students) fail to understand however that they came late and that the registration process has a time frame. The ‘patients’ forgot that they are supposed to be given equal opportunities on first-come-first-served basis unless it’s an emergency case…that Egertonians are supposed to be given equal opportunities on a first-come-first-served basis, unless – NOTHING.

The officers with whom I was working also spoke volumes – through actions – of the reason why Egerton University is in Kenya. The officers who hide medicines in order to carry them home and stoke their Chemists or give to their unborn babies? The same as the officers who keep aside the best rooms for their friends or distant cousins who might have as well come to campus through back door…the officers who ensure that their relatives do not go through the often tedious but necessary registration process. Thinking about wiping out corruption? Think again my friend.

Corruption is nothing to be wiped out! It’s not some paint that needs turpentine! Neither is it some liquid or mud that needs wiping out! Corruption in Kenya is like a 49 year old Mugumo tree complete with the roots. It is like a Mugumo tree with the age of Egerton University. It needs to be uprooted from the minds of villagers – like Emwaniro villagers…uprooted from the minds of intellectuals – like Egertonians…uprooted from the minds of city dwellers – like Nairobians…uprooted from the minds of Kenyan leaders – like?…uprooted from the minds of Kenyans – like me and you. “A Corruption-free Kenya is Vision 20what? 2030? Think again my friend.

Still wondering why Egerton University is in Kenya? Read AGAIN!!


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