At times I am made to smile whenever I hear my colleagues complaining about the distance they have to walk between T2 and B5 from one lecture to another within no time. They fail to understand the nutritional benefit behind this walk.

“The class rep must organise with the lecturer so that we don’t have to walk for this long”, some pf them suggest as they walk helter-skelterly already late for the next class.

Despite the strenuous work involved – for those who have never walked for 100 metres in their lives continuously – the T2 – B5 walk once or twice a week is a healthy exercise and a deserved justice to our health.

Walking benefits the mental health of an individual. Taking a forty minutes walk three times a week enhances the connectivity of important brain circuits and combats decline in brain functions associated with aging and increase performance of cognitive tissues according to a research. Where will you get forty minutes three times a week to take walks in Egerton if it’s not between lessons? Well, unless you came to idle on campus.

The cumulative effect of time spent walking between the lecture halls has an even greater effect on the brain functioning. Did you know that a thirty minutes’ walk for a 60 kg person can burn approximately 300 – 400 kcals of energy? Well, now you know! This is essential in increasing the caloric expenditure hence reducing weight. It is very ironic for an 80 kg student complaining about his/her weight yet (s)he takes a motorbike between lecture halls!!

The amount of energy expended when walking, however, depends on several factors. These include the individual’s weight, height, age, gender, walking distance, speed and the altitude of the walk.

It is very ironic for an 80kg student complaining about his/her body weight yet (s)he takes a motorbike between lecture halls!!

Short people, including children, use up more energy per kilogram of their body weight when walking than their tall counterparts. This is because people with shorter legs take more strides to cover the same distance as people with longer legs. Wondering why your short girlfriend or boyfriend eats a lot? Wonder no more!!

A fat person uses more energy while walking than a slim one. Therefore, at the end of a walk, the fat person will be all sweaty while the slim one will still be moderately dry, unless they were half-jogging-half-walking. Therefore, a walk between B5 and T2 by a fat person will help them a lot in attaining their ideal weight.

Walking is a form of relaxation of the mind. A relaxed mind is a healthy mind and has a clear sense of thought. Thinking about that boyfriend or girlfriend who dumped you? Take a walk to the Botanical Garden and you will be amazed at the clear and conscious decision you will make. Do not, however, go to the Botanical Garden with a rope because history hath a way of repeating itself. Make sure that you return to your room.

The anxiety and tension associated with being dumped will cool down through a walk that is priceless!! Instead of focusing on the negatives of the whole process of being dumped, you will realise how sweet and good it is to be dumped.

Lastly, instead of complaining about how B5 is far from T2; instead of wishing that Njokerio was just at the CBD; instead of whining about the stalled ED lifts, let’s embrace the walk and get more than just a degree at the end of our courses.


About denshispeaks

Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics is on my papers, commentating on sociopolitical and campus issues is my trade and run deep in my blood, humility and Trust in God are my guides, dreams and visions of a better tomorrow motivate me.

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