Self talk is a way of reflecting on our past negative thoughts, erasing them and replacing them with positive thoughts. It’s a way of learning from our past mistakes and embracing our future prospects with gusto. Self talk enables us to realize where we erred and learn how to start again and move on. It enables us to accept an F in that unit that we were sure of an A and really forge ahead.

There are Five levels of self talk. The first level is that of NEGATIVE ACCEPTANCE. This is a level characterized by doubt and fear. It’s not productive and underrates our capabilities. It is in this first level that we often say, “I wish I could go to the Library to read, but I cannot since it’s already full”. We justify the negative and fail to unveil the potential positive. We say, “If only I could go to the lecture ….” and end up not going. We end up missing out on the important concepts that might just be set in the exam, thanks to negative self talk.

When we realize that we can’t continue staying in the comfort zone of wishing, we move on. We want to realize our potential ; that is when we get to the level of RECOGNITION OF THE NEED TO CHANGE. We start gaining some courage. We start challenging the status quo. Instead of saying, ” I wish I could …”, we say, “I need to go to the Library and read” . We tell ourselves, “I shall pass this examination “. We realize that it’s within us to achieve what we want. That’s when we start seeing the fruits.

However, the fruits are still bitter and hence cannot be consumed. Yet. We need to sweeten them. The need for sweetening our fruits elevates us to the third level of self talk. This is the level in which ONE MAKES THE DECISION TO CHANGE. Spontaneously, we change and move on! Our words, attitudes and look at life undergoes a transformation for the better. We move from negative to positive. We dwell on the positive more than the negative. Issues of commitment and seriousness creep into our interest zones.

It’s at this level that we start submitting our assignments on time. We attend the lectures at the expense of that date with our campus friends or that politician. We realize that it does not take a million to bring change. We focus on ourselves and let ‘the others’ follow.

The fruits are sweetening. We start getting better grades. We stop talking about the ‘normal curve’ at campus. We reach the level of a ‘BETTER ME’. We realize our wishes and desires. We feel mature and motivated to move on positively. We get inspired from the results of our calculated actions. Good grades motives us to work even harder and continue being better people : performers.

Then comes the level of UNIVERSAL AFFIRMATION. This is the last level where we have the ability to do anything and everything we wish. Opportunities to succeed avail themselves. The exam always seem easy to us and we pass without much ado. We become responsible for our success and don’t blame our failure on bad luck.

It, therefore, depends on ourselves. It’s from within that we realize the potential and success without. Change our habits, build our attitudes and always motivate ourselves and success will be our companion.


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