Sometimes it’s hard to decide on whom to love and when to love them. There comes a rare opportunity and you grab it with both your legs and hands hoping for the best if not better. You might have known yourself as a serial player; as a man, you have a mastery of all the social networks in the world. You have all the links to all social networks until all your life is spent between Tweeter, Facebook, MySpace, 2go, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, etcetera.

You don’t have a life until when told so, you request for the link to ‘having a life’ thinking that it’s a new social network that you are yet to add to your Bookmarks.,

To worsen everything, on each of the social sites you are registered to, you have a lady who calls you ‘my love’ but you don’t know what she truely feels for you. To add salt to the wound, you tell all the ladies on the sites that you love them dearly. You start writing lists of those you have taken to bed and rolling out plans and strategies on how you will lay your latest catch.

You can’t face a lady and ‘cut for here’s (latisha) face to face but you will employ all the gorilla tactics in the dating world to place a lady you befriended on Facebook in your ‘box’ . You are so smart – maybe, maybe not – that you haven’t contracted the deadly virus or it’s accompaniments. You play your cards so well that these a hundred and one on-line girlfriends of yours do not get to know each other. You are on top of your game that none of them has managed to steal your heart. Not yet!!

You try so much to let somebody steal you heart in vain. Nobody can steal your heart if you can’t make a move on them!! Nobody can steal your heart in the real world if you set your standards very high based on the virtual world of Facebook or 2go!!! Your virtual girlfriends on social networks can’t come real with you because of the fear of the lie they are living. They can’t blind you with their love – whether real or fake – because you always find a way of seeing past them. You made a decision earlier that no single lady can and will satisfy your sexual desires. No single woman can be as available as you would want her to be. No single lady can become your other half and live to your expectations. You decide to share your ‘other half ‘ among several people. You are smart and beyond reproach. You hate people with only one girlfriend or wife. You call them immature.

Suddenly, somebody appears in your life. Unexpectedly from the blues …

Like a streak of light that disappears immediately after appearing, the lady disappears again. But not from your memory. Her footprints remain in your heart. You decide she’s the one. Like a gold digger, you decide to go over and beyond the ‘normal’. To search for the lady. Her unmatched beauty gives you courage. Her realnes inspires your. You get the courage to seduce the lady the next time you meet. A sunny bright Sunday, while reading a Newspaper,book or better still, this article, the lady appears in front of you. After two to three hours of vyibing, she becomes yours. You promise yourself to be faithful, to forget the on-line crowd and concentrate on this REAL thing.

This marks a new beginning. It marks your rebirth. Thanks to Campus, you now have a new life. You are now committing yourself to a REAL person rather than the VIRTUAL crowd on social sites. You are now becoming responsible.

It all starts with being a First year. WELCOME FRESHERS TO EGERTON UNIVERSITY.


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