Every body is striking! Teachers are striking demanding a 300% pay rise; doctors at KNH are striking demanding pay rise; Mombasa hooligans demonstrated demanding the resurrection of Sheikh Rogo; four MPs from the South-rift resigned (read STRIKE ) from a parliamentary committee on Resettlement of May Evictees demanding action on the Government side; Students are striking demanding shorter skirts and shorts; Campus Divas are striking demanding for Rich Men while Campus Hunks are striking demanding for Rich Women. Literally, Kenya is a striking nation! Najivunia kuwa mkenya.

In 1997 teachers were tricked in the name of a promise of 300% pay rise. Very outrageous but nobody cared because all that mattered was for Moi to get the 200k plus votes from teachers. In an electioneering year, expect anything. As always, a trick and a lie often spend a lot of time together and hence are very similar. A lie is known to require another lie which requires another lie that requires another lie…to hold water. It’s a vicious cycle of lies.

As it is, the Government lies – promises? – to the teachers have reached their expected end. After 15years and nothing to show of except for more promises, what next? STRIKE. The best way to express grievances in Kenya. What’s the government going to do? Well, either churn out another string of promises or fulfill the ’97 promise through Kilonzo.

Talking about Mutula, I remember his interference with school management. I remember his public declaration of war against long skirts and shorts in schools. I wonder when he was born and schooled. Without overemphasizing the issue, Mutula paved way for the introduction of miniskirts and tumbo-cuts in schools. Ever heard of the proverbial traveller who found himself out of the tent after allowing the camel’s nose into the tent?

The damage has been done and the moral decay started. The Minister under threat is none other than Prof. Kamar. The madam incharge of the Higher Education Ministry. Madam Professor, what are you going to do with Campus Divas for Rich Men now that they are qualified Kenyan Citizens but still under your docket? Buy the way, why has the Minister kept mum on this issue yet it has been all over the media? Is she waiting for a miracle to happen?

Talking of miracles, Pastors will soon be on the rampage. Every Kenyan always has a grievance to demonstrate against. What they only require is a trigger. Pastors already have more than one trigger. What with their discovered miracle scheme? How about the constant knocks by the KRA guys at their pulpit? Not for prayers but for tax. Talk of the church bombing and burning that has become rampant! They have all reasons to strike!!!

With all these and many more, Kenya is no longer a walking or working nation …but a STRIKING NATION.


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  2. Thats kenya……hakuna matata…..najihurumia kuwa mkenya….the higher u get paid the lower ua deductions n the lower the higher u dig deep in the name of paying tax,nhif,helb…..

    • Let’s use the next general elections to change Kenya … Now the Permanent Secretaries -wo are not on strike – have been awarded a salary increase yet pupils and students are still at home!!

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