A considerable percentage of people, both male and female, do not enjoy sex. Some maybe due to a past experience whereby they were raped on their first sexual encounter wasn’t worth it. To some, however, it maybe due to the kind of work they do which end up draining them or their partners hence reducing their sex drive or enjoyment. It’s natural however, to have such people in the society.

When cornered by such a situation while in any kind of sexual relationship, one resort to medical intervention with or without a doctor’s prescription. The ones who resort to self-prescribed medication to restore their sexual urge risk alot of things since they do not know the cause of their lack of sex drive.

Before you jump to Over The Counter drugs, let me bring to your attention the importance of food and nutrition to your sexual urge. The importance of good nutrition to your libido as as a man or woman in a sexual relationship. You don’t need to add laboratory manufactured chemicals into your body in the name of restoring your sexual drive. All you need to do is eat a variety of food.

While sex may depend on many factors including physical fitness, self image and healthy relationships, nutrition affects all these factors. Our food choices influence the health of our sex organs, mental health, emotional and hormonal balance. The stamina and circulation necessary for good sex can only be achieved by healthy bodies. A healthy sex life depends majorly on good nutrition.

Pet names of lovers such as cupcake, sweet pie, honey, among others strengthen the evidence of the ancient and long time relationship between good sex and food. The male sexual anatomy can be referred to as nuts and banana while the female ones are sometimes called melons instead of breasts. This further enhances the food-sex relationship.

Some foods such as bananas, carrots and asparagus resemble sexual genitalia. They are known as edible aphrodisiacs which arouse sexual urge and enhance sexual performance. Zinc, found in nuts and reliably in bananas, is an essential element for testosterone, sperm and semen production hence associated with sexual potency.

For a man to have a healthy erection, his heart must be healthy. An erection that lasts afew minutes is not healthy. A healthy heart is achieved by optimum consumption of potassium and folate which are also important for good blood circulation. Therefore, one is to eat foods rich in these nutrients. Food sources of potassium include bananas and avocados while spinach is a rich source of folate. Avocados are also rich in essential fatty acids and some B-vitamins which are essential for overall hormonal health.

Ovaries and testes are sexual glands which require optimal functioning for sexual enjoyment. To ensure optimum functioning of these glands, one has to eat foods rich in B-vitamins, Zinc and Vitamin E.

I encourage ladies to continue requesting for Chocolate from their boyfriends, fiance, clandestines, husbands, uncles and dads every time they are out on a date. Request especially from those people with whom you have a sexual relationship. Men, don’t feel ashamed to ask for the same from your partners either. Chocolates are classified as aphrodisiacs. They contain two essential chemicals for sexual drive.

Chocolates contain phytochemicals that produce the ‘feel good hormone’ known as endophins. This ‘feel good hormone’ enhances the attraction between two people who are either already in love or about to fall in love. It’s essential for bonding.

Secondly, chocolates contain phenylethylamine which is an emphetamine-like chemical produced in the brains of people who are in love. Everyone in love wants the feeling of being in love.!!

People in sexual relationships and those about to join the relationship bandwagon are encouraged to eat foods such as grains, fish, mushroom, beans, pumpkin, sea foods, sunflower seeds, eggs, nuts, leafy vegetables, wheat germ among others to enhance their sex drive. Do not, however, underscore the importance of a balanced diet in your combination of the foods.

Food affects how we feel and how we function. ‘Cooling foods’ such as kales and soya beans contain anti-thyroid chemicals which have a cooling effect on sexual desire. This is good for those guys willing to wait till… well, when they want!! Always remember that GOOD HEALTH IS. THE FOUNDATION OF GOOD SEX.


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