Wheb Charity Ngilu threw her cape into the Presidential Ring for a second time in fifteen years, it caused a buzz all over Kenya; but when Jirongo did the same for the first time, it was business as usual. A man can’t sit while there is a lady standing nearby; whether in a Matatu or a Church. When a man slaps a woman, it’s shameful and an act of cowardice; but when a woman does it, it’s assertive and commendable. When a girl is raped, it’s abominable; but if a boy is raped (not sodomised), he must have wanted it to happen.

In the effort of protecting and dignifying the Girl Child, the society has turned a blind eye to the Boy Child. In the process of stamping the authority and importance of a woman in the society, the man risks becoming useless. He risks losing his position in the family through the rampant and affordable sperm donations; he risks losing his position in the community with the increased rate of women empowerment; he risks losing his political position with the increased number of women in politics; man’s position in the corporate world is also in great jeopardy! It’s a girl’s world, they are just letting boys live in it! The boys risk being thrown out.

Lord Laro’s song that imagined women in big positions has found meaning. His prophecy is slowly but surely coming to pass!

Gone are the days when promiscuity was a reserve for men. Women have perfected the art to the extend that they even earn from it! Gone are the days in which men had different ladies in their lives each with a duty to do in the man’s life. Nowadays, a lady can have the ‘ATM man’ , the ‘driver’, the ‘bouncer’, the ‘doll’, etcetera. All these men will refer to the lady as ‘my girl’. With the Social Media at the touch of a button, don’t be surprised to find your fiancée’s or wife’s photo doing rounds on the ‘Campus Divas for Rich Men ‘ Facebook page. It is expected!

Don’t dare fail an exam if you are a man because that will be the last nail on your coffin to obscurity. However, if you are a lady, institutions for higher learning are ready to lower their intake requirements in order to accommodate you. It’s a girl’s world anyway! Isn’t it?

The ladies are taking over with a storm. The probability of Kenya having a woman president come 2013 is at 13%! She won’t be the first in Africa because Johnson Sirleaf already set the pase. The Kenyan president won’t be the second lady to hold that position in the world either, for there are about ten female presidents around the world.

Man is no longer making the corporate decisions. Women are literally driving the economy. Talk of Tabitha Karanja, Olive Mugenda, Stella Kilonzo, Caroline Mutoko and the likes.

I am neither complaining nor faulting this courageous and commendable takeover by ladies in sectors that matter to the country and world at large. Infact, I support it. If men can’t do it, let women teach them! If a man can’t run a Public University, let Madam Mugenda teach him. If a man can’t handle the heat that comes with politics, let Karua, Clinton, Sirleaf and the likes teach him. If a man can’t call a spade a spade, let Caroline Mutoko teach him.

However, as ladies do all these, they should not forget that according to the Holy Book, man came into being first. Ladies should always put in mind that they came from man. That is not debatable as the case of chicken and egg. Women are companions to men, helpers. Therefore, as they teach men the vital things they seem to have forgotten, women should remember their divine roles.

As a woman, you are a home maker and not a home wrecker in the name of ‘campus divas for rich men’ or ‘ young girls for married men ‘. Women are also companions to men, not advocates for loneliness in the name of ‘Single and Contented at 30’ or ‘I Need your Sperm not you ‘. Women are co-creators with God,not advocates of abortion. You are helpers to men, not sexual servants in the name of prostitutes.

Girls, please, as you let boys live in your world, do not turn them into slaves in the name of ‘Friends with Benefits ‘. Please, do not take up their divine role as head of the house just because of your fat knowledge, wits and salaries. If they can’t think, please help them think but do not think for them. As boys live in your world, let them remain boys as you remain girls.


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  1. Women fitted well in their roles until men began despising them for instance, a housewife who cleans , feed and dresses her husband, the man thanks her by going with a mpango wa kando coz he thinks his wife at hom is just security, you men led them into empowering their own. Actualy the journey to empower women is not yet finished coz 90% stl are. God gave women a strong wit and instinct so now they are using it bravo!

    • I personally loud the empowerment of women but I am just cautioning them that they shouldn’t forget their divine roles in the process.

      Thanks for your views. I respect them and appreciate.

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