Arriving at the heart of the family
Freed from the womb of uncertainty
Ready to tread the road of reality
Carefully assessing the world’s opportunity
And ready to venture freely
Not relenting even amid instability.

Cries and laughter welcomes him
Health is all the parents wish
Independence is nothing but a wish
Learning with every step he takes
Developing all aspects of the mind .

A hidden treasure he is
Hidden in the village of ignorance
Identified only by the mother
Overcoming hardship to emerge the best
Drawing no one’s attention, the villager
Every step challenged by hunger.
AIDS and illiteracy making days longer.

Tearing himself from the village
Risking everything for anything
Emerging a force to reckon
Driven by aspirations
Striving against all odds
Not yielding to surrender
Reversing every belief
Elevating Africa

From the village to the globe
Bare footed to a shoe brand’s face
Unkempt hair to a hairstyle’s face
African skin becomes ‘dark and lovely’
The hidden treasure discovered:
Ripe enough for exploitation.

**This is a dedication to all Africans doing things which were a reserve for whites.


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