In the present days, it’s not strange to find a girl having a sexual affair with more than one man. It’s not strange to find a good looking lady cheating on her rather faithful boyfriend, fiance or husband. This is the order of the present world. Ladies have learnt and perfected the art and science of cheating.

Gone are the days when once a lady has been successfully seduced, she belonged to the man. Gone are the days when it was an abominable act for a lady to even smile at the neighbor who seemed more attractive than her husband. Nowadays, ladies flirt, cheat and even leave their spouses at the alter without a second thought.

Call it women empowerment but I refer to it as MADNESS. Not that I am a schouvenistic yesterthinker! I don’t support men who flirt with other ladies when they know very well that they have a girlfriend, fiancée or wife in the house. Neither do I support men that cheat on their wives. In equal measure, I don’t support women who do the same in the name of women empowerment or independence.

As much as it’s commendable to empower women and unyork them from societal oppression; it shouldn’t be turned into a sword to slain men. Women empowerment should not be used as a weapon to end relationships or marriages. It should not be used to get even. It should not be the reason to stay single and halt God’s plan for humanity.

The book of 1st Corinthians chapter seven emphasizes the importance of marriage. It also acknowledges singlehood for the purpose of service to God. Ladies, however, use their singlehood as a means to earn a living through extortion of money from gullible, irresponsible and immoral men. They sell their bodies in exchange of limited goodies or worse still, AIDS.

HIV/AIDS doesn’t spread among trees. It doesn’t need an infected rapist to spread. All it needs is a respected lady in the society – married – who is ready and willing to give her body to a manager of a certain company so that she gets a promotion. Unknown to her, the manager is positive – the web starts. She ends up infecting her husband. Since the house maid is always home with the husband as the Lady goes to work ( women empowerment?), the husband feels neglected and turns to the housemaid, who is having an affair with the watchman, for consolation.

Before long, the lady of the house discovers the affair between the housemaid and the watchman. She sacks them – women empowerment – and employs others, a fresh supply to the husband. The cycle continues. None is raped but at the end of the day, the whole estate is either infected or affected. The HIV positive rapists constitute a very small percentage of the spread of the deadly virus. Most people contract it willingly but unknowingly – partly because of the overrated women empowerment.

Women empowerment doesn’t mean that the woman becomes the head of the house at the expense of her husband! It rather means that women should have a say in running the affairs of the house but let the buck stop at her husband – irrespective of their earnings. It doesn’t mean that the woman equates herself to her husband but rather find a point of compromise where both are comfortable. It does not mean that the woman should perfect the immoral acts of her husband but rather find a way of making their marriage work by talking her husband out of the behavior.

It’s often said that ‘ what a man can do, a woman can do even better’. Let’s use the phrase for good and not for justifying wrongs.

Ladies, do not let the word cloud your thinking with the wrong ideas. Always have a voice of reason even as you go with your quest for empowerment with the help of men.


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  1. Feminists are spoiling our girls,the female self-correction is not guaranteed, and for this glaring reason: widely available, cheap contraceptives and abortifacients. It could be the reason we are currently experiencing the worst of all worlds:

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