Yesterday, 20/10/2012, was Mashujaa Day in Kenya and Kenyans were treated to Kibaki’s Swahili only that this time round there was no ‘mafi ya kuku’ or. ‘Kumbafu’ in the president’s off-cuff remarks. He however did not fail to ask those who want to disrupt Kenya’s peace to ‘tokezea’.

On the same day, there were two groups of Kenyan heroes and heroines who were forgotten. Even as Raila and Kalonzo hailed the first and second Kenyan liberators; even as Kibaki hailed Saitoti and Michuki ; even as Kibaki hailed the KDF, the two groups of heroes and heroines never cought his attention

The first group comprises of Single parents. The ones who never chose to be single parents. The ones who had no choice but single parenthood. The single mother who kept her pregnancy even though it was as a result of rape. The single mothers who have raised,educated and seen their sons and daughters occupy coveted offices in the economy.

I am talking about the single father whose wives died or deserted him with the children. The single father who went through thick and thin just to ensure the survival of his children. They are there! But are never recognized … Yet they watched their sons and daughters grow up milestone to milestone.

The second group of unsang heroes and heroines include the pre-primary school teachers. Most of them are not even recognized by the government yet they lay foundations for future leaders and opinion makers in the minds of young children.

These are the teachers who double up as parents to the young leaders. They are the first people who get to identify the CEOs, the Managers, Presidents, Lawyers, Environmentalists, etc. They spend most of their time with the young undiscovered leaders only for them to splash dirty water by the roadside with their vehicles.

Pre-primary school teachers are never recognized beyond the doors to their class rooms. But today, I take this opportunity to recognise mine. She taught me how to hold my pencil and write my name. Even though I was in nursery school for one term only before promoting myself to class one, Madam Sarah Anyanje’s values and teachings are still part of me.

I celebrated my Nursery School teacher yesterday, whom did you celebrate?


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