“It can be done, It must be done, If it’s not done, We are done”. Who doesn’t remember this slogan Comrades? Last year, around such a time, Egertonians with financial muscles to waste were trying their luck in a show of political might to woe the electorate. That is the same time that the above slogan came to be represented by a face. The face of what Egertonians thought was their hope. A hope that never was. The face that ‘DID’ us.

When the face behind the slogan assumed the top office in the SUEU structure, it was a face of a man out to defend the Comrades’ interests with zeal. It was a face ready to put it’s life on the line for the sake of the students. Word went round campus that ‘finally a MAN has taken over the top SUEU leadership’.

It was not long, however, before impunity that had tainted the reign of former SUEU leadership found its way into the heart of the ‘face of hope’. Starting with favouritism. One community got the opportunity of having their ‘Traditional nights’ Friday after Friday. It was as if they were the only ones who voted for the ‘face of hope’. When it became too much, Kilimo Hall was barred from holding such functions all together. An excuse of the security situation in the country justified the action. Very brilliant if you asked me. This happened under the Chairman’s nose yet he knew too well that Kilimo was the lifeline of Egertonians, especially on Fridays.

A rumor came around through the social media about fee increment. The increment was to be effected in the 2012/13 academic year. The ‘face of hope’ was too busy to even inform the students about it. I am informed that even the SUEU executive committee was divided over the issue. The University administration carried the day and the SUEU chairman had nothing left but append his signature without a fight. I wonder whether his mind was on students’ interest or on tokens of appreciation.

The security issue in the country overwhelmed the Egerton Security Department leading to the banning of Motorbikes and Taxis from operating on campus. As usual, students complained about it but none of their leaders seemed to even care to listen. There was no choice left for the students but to shut their mouths and get used to walking to and from the gate. Taxis have since been allowed to operate under some unclear conditions.

With all these and more, I am quite skeptical about the incoming SUEU leadership and their slogans and manifestoes. As the preceding article ‘SAME SCRIPT DIFFERENT ACTORS’ pointed out, there is nothing new with the current aspirants.
If there is, how long will it take them to show us?


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