After a two-days’ chat through Facebook and text messages, the one and only Secretary General of Students Union of Egerton University (SUEU) Mr. Victor Ooko agreed for an interview. The interview was scheduled for 5:00pm, he arrived a little bit late but was composed throughout and not in any hurry to leave even though his phone kept ringing from time to time.

Here is the First Part of a THREE-PART SERIES of the interview carried out on Sunday 11th November 2012 where Victor talks about his personal life.

Denshi: Who is Victor Ooko?

Victor: Victor Ooko, academically, he is a second year student. Too young in this institution as far as academic qualifications are concerned. I take a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Religious Studies. I am a regular student. Apart from that, I am also the Class Rep of the Sociology Class which constitutes around 350 students. I believe that the epitome of my leadership maybe was last semester when we were here (at campus) the /11A and /11B of which I was the Class Reps’ Coordinator that particular time.

Denshi: Socially speaking?

Victor: Socially, I play handball but I have concentrated in swimming. I am in the swimming team. In Egerton, if I am not the best, then I am the second-best swimmer (chuckles).

Denshi: Single or dating?

Victor: I am single. I have to underline that. I am, however, in a positive relationship with everyone around me.

Denshi: There is this notion that when students get elected to the SUEU Executive Committee, they adopt the ‘Mswati Lifestyle’, what’s your take on that?

Victor: I will say that it’s somebody’s personality. It’s you and your morals. If you respect yourself, then I believe that the leadership position you are in does not really matter. Because we also have others who never adopted the Mswati kind of lifestyle. There are those who hide their claws only to release them later…

Denshi: Talking about ‘hidding’, should we expect such from you during your tenure?

Victor: I believe that for the time that I have been here, most friends supported me. If anything, a whole academic year plus a semester which is almost complete is enough for somebody to know me quite well. I cannot say that I can pretend for close to a year now! So, this is me. Expect more of this other than any kind of change.

Denshi: How are you going to reward your people? The friends who supported you and those who voted for you.

Victor: This is Kenya! I may not try and evade that question. Right now, we have a SUEU that is multiracial. Most communities are represented. As far as sorting out my community is concerned, I am not for that. However, there is that aspect of rewarding friends, and those who voted for me. I may not also do that but I may try to appreciate them. It’s not bad.

Denshi: How will you appreciate them?

Victor: As far as this institution is concerned, these appreciations come in the name of rooms.

Denshi: What is it that people don’t know about you?

Victor: They don’t know that Victor Ooko is an orphan since when he was five years old. They also don’t know that Victor Ooko loves listening to RnB, and Akon is my favorite artist.

There you have it! The personal life of SUEU Secretary General-elect . The verdict is yours…

Watch out for the second part …he will be commenting on the immediate former SUEU REGIME.

Till then, what’s your verdict?


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