I started running this Three-part series of the interview with the incoming SUEU SECRETARY GENERAL yesterday and the responses from you readers has been overwhelming! I have received messages through the Social Media and Email.

Guys are requesting more and more of this and I promise to do my level best to catch up with each and every person you requested and get there views and stand on various issues.

But before we get there, let’s find out what Mr. Ooko had to say about the former Students Union of Egerton University Executive Committee.

Denshi: What inspired you to vie for the post of the Secretary General?

Victor: I believe that the SecGen is a mobilizer. If you are able to mobilize people to move together, that is the key objective of every team. Of course there is the seat of the Chair(man) and I have ever thought of myself as the Chair of SUEU. But as a Sec-Gen,, I deal directly with the students, link them with the Union and the School Administration. I feel at ease handling the students.

Denshi: Your predecessor was not not always on the same wavelength with the former chairman on many issues. What do you learn from him?

Victor: I consulted Gabriel (Maiyo) several times in the course of this semester. There are many things I like about him due to the personal relationship we have.
I have known some of his achievements as far as mobilization and campaigning for the change of attitude among the students.

Denshi: What did the former SUEU lack?

Victor: The unity aspect is what they lacked. Despite the fact that the Chair was geared towards a particular side of issues,they needed not to disagree. We have principles but in order to work as a team, then we need to compromise on some issues for the sake of unity. I believe that they never focused on that unity as we had anticipated. That is what would have made the difference. If the Chair feels that he is by himself, then he will not see the need to consult anybody in anything that he does and at the end of the day, it’s weakness, weakness and more weakness.

Denshi: What would you have done differently?

Victor: Uniting the Union as the Secretary General.

Denshi: When talking of ‘compromising on principles’, whom do you think needed to compromise?

Victor: I may say that both of them; because if you have this particular general perception that this is the direction to go and you don’t want to compromise with anybody, then there will be no agreement at the end of the meeting.

Denshi: How will you jargon between personal interest, your duties and. Unity among SUEU Ex-Com?

Victor: My personal interest is to be able to serve the students as an individual and as a union. Secondly, I won by 2300 votes, 1500 ahead of the first runners up. We had a chair who had 1400 votes. It’s not about luo and personal interest; it’s about students.

There you have the second part of the interview! It’s all about unity and lack thereof.

Watch out for the third and last part. Mr. Ooko will be talking about his achievements, what to expect from him and a comment on the fee increment.

See you then ….


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