5 Kenyan Habits That Are Better Left In 2012


After doing a review of 2012, a friend told me to do a post on habits that are better left in 2012. I wouldn’t want to disappoint. Without much ado, here are some of peculiar Kenyan habits that are so 2012 that they have no place in 2013 – in no particular order.


Whether it’s a bomb blast, a fallen petrol tanker, a bush fire, a land slide or a a helicopter making an emergency landing, Kenyans will run towards the scene of the incident. Oblivious of the danger, typical Kenyans will rush and struggle to catch a glimpse of the scene.

Those interviewed will say something like “I heard a loud bang and ran as fast as I could to find out what had happened – fearing for the worst”.


After running to the scene of the incident without fear of the danger, typical Kenyans resort to looting any valuable that is the remain of the accident, the blast or the fire incident. They help themselves on the valuables first before heeding the calls for help from the victims.

A story was once told of an old woman whose valuables were taken by such a Samaritan after the vehicle she was travelling in got an accident. The woman forgot her pain and started crying for her valuables until the responsible person returned them.


After running to the scene and helping themselves on victims’ valuables, typical Kenyans will start hovering around the accident scene in anticipation for an interview with a television journalist. Some of them cook up stories just to sound authentic first hand accounts. They, however, skip the part where they stole the victims’ valuables. During the interview, they struggle to the point of injuring themselves just to appear in the camera. These three habits better remain in 2012.


It’s good to pray but it’s idolatry if the prayers are directed to the wrong person – say, the Kenyan Government. Hawkers running away from the City Council Askaris will always ask ‘Serikali kuingilia kati’. Similarly, prostitutes, flood victims, pedestrians, couples and even members of Parliament will always ‘omba serikali iingilie kati na itusaidie’.

It’s high time 2013 brought about some independence in the Kenyan mind.


I had to include this one for the shameless Matatu Drivers, Conductors and even Owners who turn their customers into cash cows. The greed displayed by guys in the transport industry contribute to the increased number of accidents on Kenyan roads especially during the festive season.

You better leave this behavior in 2012.

Do you have other typical Kenyan habits that are better left in 2012? Feel free to drop it in the comments’ box …Happy New Year!!


About denshispeaks

Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics is on my papers, commentating on sociopolitical and campus issues is my trade and run deep in my blood, humility and Trust in God are my guides, dreams and visions of a better tomorrow motivate me.

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