Year in Review #2012


So 2012 is coming to a close and everybody is in a ‘thanking’ mood. Twitter, Facebook, Queep …name them; all are abuzz with thankful updates to God of how He has enabled people to cruise through 2012 with both ease and difficulty. But typical Kenyans have not disappointed in the whining sector either. For those who gave birth during 2012, kudos! And may 013 be even more fertile for you. For those who lost their loved ones, poleni sana, but I know that 2013 is not going to be 2012 – never again!

If the recent Synovate poll is anything to go by, most Kenyans would wish to be among the 65% of the interviewees who projected good economic tidings in 2013. But that is subject to time and the election outcome of the 2013 poll.

Talking of the 2013 poll, Kenyans need to be KEEN on whom to vote for in order to ensure that the Kenyan dream is not lost. Were it in my power, I would have banned anything to do with coalitions because they are just groupings of greedy and self-centered people bend towards ensuring that their interests are served first. Whether CORD, JUBELEE, EAGLE or the defunct PAMBAZUKA, they are all compromised.

Before we go into discussing whom to vote for or against – they way Prof. Makau Mutua of the SUNY Baffalo Law School did albeit indirectly in his article in the Sunday Nation of 30thh December 2012 – it’s important to highlight the achievement of IEBC in registering upto 14 million voters. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is, however, on the receiving end as we get into 2013 for alleged failure to pay the Registration Clerks who assisted in registering the 14 million voters. It’s such ‘small’ matters that forever taint the image of a rather credible institution and Isaac Hassan should better know this.

Away from the political field, 2012 saw the anvailing of the famous “Campus Divas for Rich Men” page on Facebook. This was a clear reflection of how far our Campus ladies can go to get what they want. It’s prostitution-gone-hitech. The 21st Century prostitution. No wonder there Gay, Lesbians and Prostitutes’ movements. The prostitutes have so much freedom such that they are now WORKERS!! – Commercial Sex Workers.

It’s even interesting when one realizes that politicians and respected businessmen are the ones financing these illicit sexual activities that are bedeviling our nation. Whether it is sex in exchange for money, apartment and school fees in the Kenyan towns or sex in exchange for fish in the Lakeside city of Kisumu, this is prostitution.

Caroline Mutoko was not spared in 2012 either. As much as I loved listening to her ‘The Big Breakfast Show’ on Kiss 100, Ms Mutoko had grown out of control and it was high time she was trimmed. Her show had lost its objectivity and authenticity and resorted to copying the crap and dirt that her counterparts are feeding listeners every morning on Classic 205 .

I remember writing about Ms Mutoko while addressing the fact that it’s a girl’s world …they just let boys live in it. I did nothing but praised her good work; but as they say: mgema akisifiwa, tembo hulitia maji (when you praise a Brewer, s/he will dilute the brew next time). Caroline resorted to calling Facebook Users – who infact are her fans – IDLERS. This is not the first time Ms Mutoko is name-calling Social Media Users! Her articles in The Star are nothing but full of vitriol towards anybody and everybody. She, however, got her medicine from the insults that followed her update. People went to the extent of ‘killing’ her on Social Media. She never commented but chose to take the humble pie quietly.

Caroline Mutoko aside, a new Radio Station was bone in Nakuru Town. Egerton Radio started its battle for the Nakuru County airwaves in mid 2012 and it has continued gaining ground and recognition especially among students with each passing day. With its slogan of ‘Serving the Community’, it’s set to give Radio Amani and Heroes Radio a run for their money within Nakuru County. Full of energy and upto date music plying throughout, you can catch the new kid on the block on 101.7FM.

The Mid-morning show “Misdemeanor” is one that you can’t afford to miss. The energy and obedience of the presenters in playing listeners’ requests is an added advantage for the show. I can only think of a better 2013 on 101.7FM Egerton Radio. Call-in sessions will be their best 2014 resolution.

To most Egertonians, especially those in Njoro Campus, 2013 will start on a stressful note. Exams are enough agents of stress.

All in all, 2012 hash had its fare share of activities which cannot be fully handled in one post. So as you enjoy your festivities, you can leave a comment here about how your 2012 was and what you are looking out for in 2013….ENJOY!


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