Exams are just around the corner and everybody at campus is moving up and down trying to capture at least a concept or two before the exam time. I have my first paper this Friday but truth be told: I even do not have the notes. I hope I am alone in this because I will be motivated to photocopy the notes and transnight while reading – although I am not sure about the later.

But before I do any of the above, let’s look at some of the common behaviors and characters that surface among students during exam period. You will help me here.


Everybody at campus does this. It’s an essential ingredient for survival at campus. Either there is a lecture you missed or two; or there is a notorious lecturer who never fails to leave a handout.

There are notorious students who never attend lectures. They are always at JCR playing Pool, at The Students’ Center or Upper Mess watching a movie (mostly Afrocinema) or recorded football or rugby match – thanks to the DSTV. These are the guys who always call their Class Reps to ask whether the lecture has ‘bounced’ and curse if not.

It’s at such times as this that they search for their classmates with neat handwriting ( like mine) to photocopy their notes.


I am not sure if transnighting is an English word but it simply means becoming a bat or some nocturnal animal(bird) – well, not literally. One spends the time they are suppossed to be sleeping studying. I hereby issue a disclaimer that this is one thing that I have NEVER done and I am not planning to do – at least in the near future.

The transnighters (sic) however, have a tough time staying awake during the exam period. They are attentive during the first 20minutes and last 10 minutes of the exam. The rest of the 2.5 hours of the exam time is spend either in slumberland, dreamland or both …


Did I just say that I have been to the library thrice since 2010? I hope not, but if I just did, don’t laugh or rebuke me because I know you too are a victim. The good news, however, is that exams are here and you can use this excuse to beat my record!

The guys who are always at the Library before it’s opened and stays their late until the Librarian has to drag them out. These guys become allians in their own rooms and accuaintances to the Librarian. The Librarian might be tempted to entrust them with the library keys.


Who invented this word?
These library guys sometimes do not spend their time in the library reading. They do nothing but write short notes with which they enter the exam room. They are hard to isolate from a crowd unless one frisked them – The KCSE Way . They are however easily identifiable after a particular exam.

Depending on whether the Mwakenya was ‘in’ or ‘out’ they show specific characteristics. Just to help those who are ‘floating’, the word ‘in’ means the Mwakenya was helpful while ‘out’ means the opposite. Those whose Mwakenya was ‘in’ will display a characteristic jumpy and excited posture. They will be ready to discuss the paper to detail with that cares (probably those whose Mwakenya was in).

On the other hand, the fellow whose Mwakenya was OUT will be sad and withdrawn. These are the guys who are often found hanging on a tree in the Botanical Garden.


Happily (Sadly) enough, I belong here. Forming groups with anybody and everybody who seems like a performer with free knowledge to share. The Discussion Groups are however helpful to the keenest of the keen. Those who feel wasted after a group discussion will never be seen in that group again. They form another group – with like-minded groupies.

Ooh!! I can’t continue with my list …I am needed in a group discussion. Just received the last reminder “tunakupa ten minutes, usipocome sisi tutaanza” .

Finnish up the remaining characters in the comment box.



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