The reality that is Campus Life

The reality that is Campus Life

There are some kinds of lifestyle that people would rather hear tell-tales of others. They wouldn’t want to be associated with those lifestyles. They wouldn’t want their lives to get entangled in them. They wouldn’t even think of themselves in such lifestyles. The life that boys and girls, men and women live at Campus. The complicated lives of man-eat-man in Campuses. The kind of life that nobody in Campus dreamed of but most has to live it.

The double lives of Campus Students. A struggle for survival either by choice or compulsion. A student by day and somebody else by night. Welcome to the reality of Campus Life.

Campus comes with freedom and freedom does not forget to bring along RESPONSIBILITY. Yeah, I capitalized that for a purpose. Responsibility will always be the awakening voice among Campus Students. It’s the voice that says “hey chap! It’s time to reap”. It doesn’t care whether you run away from it or stay put and face it; it will catch up with you. When it does, people get to hear your story.

Responsibility can either make or break the relationship freedom gave you. Your parents or guardians might be unaware of your indulgence at Campus but responsibility will reveal it to them. Talk of the holier than thou girl who joined Campus recently and now she has a random pregnancy, thanks to some random guy during Freshers’ Night. She realizes that she can’t handle the responsibility. The guy is already a gone case …he couldn’t handle it either ….RESPONSIBILITY.

Parents and guardians add to the burden that College Students carry. They are always demanding. Always expecting. Always ready to correct. They fail to do the simplest thing that one can ever do: WAIT AND SEE. A College Student under the compulsion of the parents to perform and the pressure from fellow students to conform has no room left for self-control.

The performance and conformance pressure drives the student to acquire a double-life in order to ‘fit’. They become students by day and jump to any opportunity that comes by night without giving it a second thought. They have to impress their parents and fellow students at the same time. Their is no room for self-satisfaction in their minds. Man-eat-Man-to-impress-Man.

Examinations bring them back to reality and now they have to take responsibility for the missed lectures and undone assignments. They can’t handle it and therefore they prosecute and deliver judgement against their lives; against their future, their parents, their friends and their communities who had boasted having ‘their own’ join Campus.

The community curse the Campus for snatching ‘smart’ brains from them. They avoid taking responsibility for the pressure they religiously placed on the young Kenyan. The Campus administration is ready to issue a discontinuation letter to the Student on Academic Grounds. They avoid taking responsibility for their Exam-oriented education that doesn’t encourage innovation, independence of thought and self-employment.

The students who succeed in going through The Campus Cycle are met with more obstacles in the job market. Having been taught ‘how to get employed’ , self-employment is not among their favorite cards of choice. If their is any element of self-employment, it’s thwarted by the Government Policies that rarely address affordable incentives for young Kenyans taking loans to start Small Business Enterprises (SMEs).

The young graduate thinks of nothing but getting employed. They are required to have a minimum job experience of three years for them to be absorbed into the job market at the lowest job class. Were they supposed to be working while schooling? Where? Oh! The missed opportunities or part-time jobs in school down on them. They missed workshops organised by Clubs Societies and Student Associations. Were they the tie-breakers? The difference between a student and a job-market-oriented student.

Time can’t be recycled. It can’t be rewinded. The opportunities are forgotten and life continues. The University admits more as it spits more graduates into a life of frustration. No HELB LOAN (Higher Education Loans’ Board), no friends. Just you against the world. Parents looking upto you to show them what you have acquired for the four years you were in College. The village drunkered at your tail requesting for money to buy some more liquor and intoxicate himself further. You have the knowledge to tell him to stop poisoning himself but you don’t have the will. You are contemplating joining …


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    • Thanks for stopping by to get my perspective.

      Faced with the challenge to impress the readers and the financiers with their choice of what goes to the printers, the editors have no room for independence of thought and innovation ….grumpy is the best word to illustrate them.

  1. GOOD! It is a good task. Keep up&continue to enlighten young people concerning campus life. I appreciate your work.

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