Lessons from the Obama Inauguration Speech


One of the greatest and most influential Black American was sworn into office for his second and last term yesternight as the 44th President of America. My wife had to fore-go watching her favorite Soap opera as I took charge of the TV Remote to ensure that I watched the inauguration ceremony – especially the Obama speech. With many words said, all inspiring, all instilling hope, here are some snick-picks of the speech that Kenyans can learn from – especially as we head to the General Elections.

– Freedom is a free gift from God that must be secured by His people in the world.

I totally agree. As much as our fore-fathers might claim having fought for Kenya’s freedom, it was not until God gave His node that the colonialists gave in and handed the freedom to Kenyans. As much as Raila, Imanyara and the folks who fought for the Second liberation might claim it’s ownership, it was God’s will that Kenya came from a defacto one party state to a multiparty democracy.

Therefore, it’s upon us to guard the freedom we got as if it’s our lifeline. The freedom of expression, freedom of marriage, freedom of movement and the freedom of association should be vehemently guarded by non other than Kenyans themselves. Anybody trying to infringe on that freedom should be tought it’s importance through all means necessary.

– When times change, so must we.

This is the 21st century. A century defined by the interface. In the 21st century, everybody must behave in a civilized way. gone are the days when looking down upon other people was acceptable. We need to embrace each other irrespective of our ideological difference. irrespective of the colour of our skin, the origin of our names, our political alignment and even our religious beliefs. That will be the correct definition of a progressive kenya.

-Free market thrives where there are rules to guide competition and fare play

-We must do things together as one nation and one poeple

-We are meant for this season and we will seize it if we seize it together

-Every citizen requires a basic measure of security and dignity

-The most evident truth is that all of us were created equal


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