How Destructive Are You This Valentine’s


So today is 14th of February? Oh, maybe that’s not significant enough. Maybe I should say, today is Valentine’s Day …Lovers’ Day. Now you get me; but wait, there is no difference between today and any other day of the Calender except for the injustices that are bound to happen today.

The first victim of these injustices is mother nature. Those who like flowers – unfortunately, most of us do – will pluck them, kill them, render them lifeless, infact we murder them in order to impress someone we presumably love. If we don’t do that, then our love is put to question. The various skeletons that crowd our closets are either brought to life or taught to dance. We are told how unfair we are, how inconsiderate and unromantic we are …thanks to some romance lessons from cheap Mexican Soap Operas.

Conserve the Environment on Valentines

Conserve the Environment on Valentines

Little do they know that by plucking out just a single flower, we would have placed an end to a hundred more flowers. Little do they know that by watering the flowers – instead of plucking them – we will be naturing a generation of flowers for us and for our children. We can enjoy our evenings daily in the Rose gardens celebrating our love daily as we water and weed the flowers.

Secondly, today officially brings to an end many relationships and engagements that would have otherwise led to successful marriages if only individuals would attach more value to their relationships than on today. Many ladies would call it quits with their boyfriend or fiance just because they never took them out, bought them lovely red dresses or worse still, refused to kill a flower.

The value desperate ladies and gents attach to Feb 14th is even suicidal. Statements like “if he doesn’t treat me, he will see” are so common around campus until one wonders whether the lady was waiting for Valentine’s Day to treat their boyfriend’s blindness!!

As people get treated to Valentine’s Special, some do not think of tomorrow. They eat against Hon. Mohamed Abduba Dida’s principle. The Kenyan presidential candidate advised Kenyan citizens on Nation TV during the first ever presidential debate that people need to eat only when they feel hungry. He didn’t stop there. He went ahead and broke down the portions of food one needs to eat. Mwalimu Dida advised that people should not fill their stomachs with food every time they feel hungry. He said that one should fill 1/3 of their stomach with food, 1/3 with water and leave 1/3 as breathing space …(this has no nutrition knowledge backing ).

Oh! I had drifted away. Let’s get back to our lady on a Valentine’s Date. She eats to finish. She might not even think of the man who is footing the bill. She doesn’t care whether he has eaten or not. Maybe, the guy was spending his last penny on her, but she doesn’t care. Talking of that, I remember a story we were recently told in church about the pains men suffer to impress their ladies.

Knowing that he can’t afford most of the meals on a sophisticated hotel menu, the guy conducts a pre-visit to the hotel. He talks to one of the waiters and gives him specific instructions. He tells the waiter or waitress that he was coming the next day with his girlfriend but he has two hundred shillings only. Therefore, the waiter is required to tell the girlfriend that that the food is not yet ready when she orders any food that costs more than two hundred shillings.

The lady settles for a food worth one hundred and fifty shillings yet she was told to order ANYTHING. The guy settles for a soda and the date is a success! Now, ladies taken out and fill their stomachs with all types of food they set their eyes on either end up with bloated stomachs or diarrhea.

Apart from the destruction of flowers in the name of love, the aftermath of these celebrations is an eyesore. The beneficiaries of Valentine’s Day at the end are dustbins, compost pits and the environment in general. Walk around amusement Parks and gardens tonight or tomorrow morning and see how littered they’ll be. Whithered flowers here, gift wrappings there and even used condoms.

I am particularly concerned about the withered flowers. Ladies, if a man brings you flowers at any time in your relationship, DUMP HIM! Oh yeah! I mean leave that motherf**ker. The flowers are a symbol of love, right? Yes! When they wither away, what do they symbolize? … you got it right! A withered love! 😦 . What if they are plastic flowers (made in China)?…run for your dear life, that love is so fake!

Let him take you to the flower garden and help him water the flowers and remove the weeds as you enjoy the scent of the flowers, the buzz of the bees keeping you company and the colorful scenery entertaining your eyes. Assure the flowers of a better and sufficient tomorrow and the same will reflect in your love life. Kiss the flowers (but don’t injure them . Enjoy! Kiss him in the flower garden but remember to wait until you reach your (or his house) before unzipping his trousers.

Together with the urge and temptation to impress, guys will do things they have never done before. Immorality is strife in this season. Take charge.

Therefore, as you celebrate your Valentine’s, remember it’s not all about you; it’s all about love. It’s not about the gifts you receive or give, it’s about what’s in your heart. It’s not about the day, it’s about what you do on this day. Celebrate it with whoever you want but make sure that no one gets hurt. Spread the message of LOVE, PEACE and UNITY.



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