A Conversation on Campus Life


I was recently having a conversation with a group of friends about campus life and the opportunities that accompany the choices that students make about their lives. While I held onto my notion that campus is the best ground to hunt for a wife (or better still get hunted by a husband), my friends were for other – I guess – better ideas on how one can spend their campus days.

Okey, I must state hear that I hunted my wife at campus and pierced her heart with Cupid’s arrow. I guess she was hunting for me too coz I feel pierced.

Enough of my chest-thumping. Back to these guys I have decided to put in my ‘friendzone’. Allow me refer to them as Stella, Caro, Peter and Stano.

Stella believes that campus guys are broke and cannot therefore take care of her. I feel like punching some sense into her thick skull but again, I need the conversation! She says that she would rather date a working man who will provide her with everything and anything she wants for an exchange with a night or two at a cheap barkyard lodging in town. Well, I am sorry I added the word ‘cheap’… but heck!

The idea of sexual encounters with married men does not oger well with caro to whom chastity is the surest survival mechanism at campus. In her vocabulary, there’s nothing like sex before marriage. To drive the point home, marriage comes after education, job, land and house on her priority list. Talk of an over-independent lady who doesn’t give a f*ck about biological clocks.

She sounds like a lady headed into a lonely future according to Peter who is at campus to enjoy his time with the variety of ladies campus can possibly provide. He says that he can’t be with the same lady at campus for more than one month. In his world, there’s a lady for every occasion.

Peter is the typical ‘freestyler’ campus dude who does not think twice before dumping a nagging girlfriend. To him, a man should enjoy life in his 20s so that when he finally settles in his thirties with a wife, he doesn’t regret the missed opportunities. After all, men’s biological clock start ticking in late sixties!

Stano does not believe in love at campus. Period. Cliche? Deal with it! He says that campus girls are money oriented. He proves his point using the ‘Till Keep Left Do us Part’ analogy at Egerton university. This is where students fall in love at the beginning of the semester and break up at the end of the same semester. This has been attributed to among other things, the fact that guys are rich at the start of the semester, thanks to a boom from HELB.

Another reason as to why there are ‘Semester-based’ love at campus is the continuous supply of Freshers. Naive and inexperienced, they are the better option to many campus students.

This is why Stano has a Form Four Dropout for a girlfriend and has neither apologies nor regrets. He likes it thatway and the lady must be contented. He is her future. He is her love teacher and believes that there will be no time the student will overcome the teacher with knowledge.

Having heard from my gang, campus life is all about personal values and beliefs. These comes through exposure to different experiences which eventually shape our look at life. Therefore, as the 2012 KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) candidates receive their results and start their preparations to join campus, let them prepare to meet a Stella who would rather date their dad than ‘waste’ their time with broke campus guys.

Prepare also to have an encounter with a Caro to whom talking about a relationship would be synonymous to expecting a goat to dance to some guitar tune. Ladies would either have an encounter with the use-and-dump Peter or the village patriot Stano who would rather stick to the village than risk dating a campus girl.

Lucky ladies would however meet somebody who believes in the existance of a good grape in a bunch of rotten grapes. The guys who will single out the good grape and make them theirs to keep forever.

Have I just glorified myself?


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  1. “To each their own” I guess. Having gone through Egerton, I can only laugh at the “Keep Left” reference. Still, having seen all the mentioned scenarios at university, I agree with the conclusion; every person should travel their own path, and try their best not to fall to societal/peer pressure.

    So, if you find your true love, more power to you. If you do not, more power to you also, but if you go hurting people willy nilly, well then, I have nothing for you…

    To each their own.

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