Campus Fashion Watch by Neemo Alice


I presume you were not coerced into dressing as you are today. People choose their wardrobe for numerous reasons. Some do it for show; others to impress while others because it’s just normal. Stroll around campus and you will see all manner of trends in fashion. Bearing in mind that this is a fertile ground for grooming society’s finest, you should not be surprised at all.

Trendsetters are found here. It’s here that someone will dye their hair purple and in no time, they have a Messianic following. In this very place, you run into a person and the impression you get is: this guy has just sneaked out of a rehearsal of the play ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

I asked myself this question: what do our mirrors tell us before we step out of the house? Picture this, your mirror gives you an honest opinion: you need a haircut ; that skirt looks small on you; a button is missing; makeup overdone …Surprisingly, we ignore the mirror’s opinion with a ‘you are just jealous’ attitude.

We then walk around, lecture to lecture, assuming that comrades won’t notice how bad we are looking that day. Truth is: people see. They might not say anything but you have surely entered their ‘crazy’ book of records.

It all boils down to what you feel dressed the way you do. Are you yourself? Don’t wait for the curtains to draw before you return to your normal self. Candid advice: dress like you, not like Kim Kardashian or whoever your fashion icon is. Just because an attire looks fabulous on a dummy at the boutique, there’s no guarantee that it will look as good on you.

By the way, what is beautiful in a situation where some of your body parts spill out of your clothes? Gentlemen, not everyone looks good in skinny jeans. Don’t remind me of the oversized suits – they look borrowed! And who said bathroom slippers are alternative shoes? Nkt!

Those of us who are transiting from conservative to trendy, take your time and learn the ropes. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a clown. We have enough stand-up comedians that we pay. Don’t we?

Thumbs up to those of us who dress in a manner worthy emulating – depending on who the judge is. When someone dresses modestly, compliment them; when they don’t, help them. .

I may have stepped on a few toes while airing my views but inspect your wardrobes and dress up before crucifying me.!/neemo.alis?_user=100000164559102


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