From DarknessCame Light


From the humbliest of the humble
Came the mightiest of the mighty
Out of atrocities, with life unsteady
Came one that made people tremble.

A light from the darkness
A star from the cloud-invaded sky
Oozing an aura of freshness
With a fighting spirit that doesn’t die

A society full of prejudice
A family wrecked in poverty
She tossed the right dice
Landing on liberty

The plight of the girl-child
Got an ear for the first time
Many cases she filed
Educating that child abuse is a crime

She was feared and respected
Hated and admired in equal measure
She neither tarried
Nor gave into pressure

Remaining on the right side
Of all societal humane norms
Changing the societal tide
For the girl-child to enjoy the norms.


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