Twittertonians’ Cabinet


With the powers vested in me as the self-made Twittertonian President in the Constitution of Egertonians on Twitter #EOT, it’s my humble duty to present to you my cabinet of Directors. The Directors hereunder will be answerable to whoever they feel like as long as it’s for the benefit of the #Twittertonians

Drum rolls (Oops! This is not a Nigerian movie. Neither is it some award ceremony…therefore let’s cut the crap and head for business)…


A medical doctor in the making, she can for sure ensure that all the Condom Dispensers around campus are refilled on daily basis. With her extensive knowledge in matters H. Pylori (I hope it’s something to do with lorries), she will ensure that lorries are not allowed in Campus to prevent the spread of flue and TB due to the dusty streets of twitter.
– Assistant Director – @smartsheila_


Having experience for working with @egertoncu as their twitter contact, and his unrelented daily Biblical tweets, he is just the right man for the job. As the Twittertonian President, I get enough inspiration from his TL and the best way to appreciate him is by giving a director’s post.

His wealth in Biblical Matters and prayer sessions will be of great importance to #EOT
– Assistant Director – @ndindafah


He’s the Analogue Students’ Union of Egerton University Secretary General. Having won the SUEU elections with a confident voter-margin and with extensive knowledge in Stronghold Tweets, he brings to the cabinet a wealth of knowledge in both Analogue and Digital Management of Strongholds.
– Assistant Director – @lilmis_smyl


From tweeting about her anatomy classes and how one should tell when a conversation becomes a lecture, she will be incharge of the Academic Docket. With a tinge of shyness in reality but very aggressive online, she’s the best academician to represent #Twittertonians
– Assistant Director. – @angel66811275


Having traversed East Africa but brought back nothing except for the prestige, memories and experience, he is well informed and well suited to hold the docket. He will also be incharge of the information exchange between MKZ and twitter, especially the stealing of tweets and posting them on #EgertonCampusLife #MKZ page.
– Assistant Director. – @stevemuiruri and @raphor09


He needs no introduction. Every twittertonian must be knowing that the guy stays in Ruwe..or is it Tatton? The room number is somewhere around 69? You can imagine what happens at 69!

With such a wealth of knowledge and experience in matters hospitality and roaching affairs, he is the best suited for the docket.
– @Assistant Director. – @odialav


Having experience in failing to impress twitter crushes more than enough times, he’s capable of steering the special programs’ docket to great heights especially in matters concerning how to ensure that you don’t impress your crush.

He will be assisted by the elusive @c_Kazuri and I hope the docket finally gets them together.


This one of the dockets close to my heart as the Self-made President of Twittertonians.
With a vast knowledge on how to get the best hostels at the cheapest price and how to avoid the landlord when the rent is due and your pocket is dry, he is the ultimate man for the job.

All twittertonians planning to stay off-campus needs to contact the Director ASAP.
– Assistant Director. – @bone_l

That’s the new cabinet and they will be sworn in very soon.


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