Is The President-Elect Fooling Kenyans?


Many Kenyans, both off and online are now grappling with the reason as to why President-elect of the Republic of Kenya Honorable Uhuru Kenyatta has requested for his wife to be allowed to hold the Bible for him during the swearing in ceremony on 9th. April. The constitution has nothing to do with who should hold the Bible during the swearing in ceremony because – I believe – the drafters presumed that any president-elect would be more than willing to hold the Bible in front of Kenya and the world at large.

From my Christian background, a background that we share with Honorable Kenyatta,swearing on the Bible while holding it is a symbol of the truthfulness of whatever youre saying and your commitment to leaving upto the promise or commitment made. When Kenyans voted, they expected that whoever will emerge the winner will commit to the duties of the president. Nobody, I repeat NOBODY voted for Mrs. Margaret Muigai. She does not need to hold a Bible in front of any Kenyan.

Does Mr Kenyatta know something Kenyans don’t know? He said that he is God-fearing and a leader chosen by God. Is he being convicted by his conscience? Of course, his wife is was little known up until towards the end of the campaign period. Her hands must be cleaner than those of her husband…perhaps clean enough to hold the Bible in front of the world.

We all know that during the hearing of the case that sought to challenge Hon Kenyatta’s election, a 900+ paged evidence was time barred. One may not help but wonder whether the evidence were the supposed to be the last straw that fell the donkey. Is Hon Kenyatta sending some message about the legitimacy of his presidency? Since he’s a God-fearing person, is he avoiding full responsibility of a lie he’s about to start living?

Our beloved President-elect is facing a case of crimes against humanity at the Hague-based International Criminal Court. The law is clear that everybody is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The law does not however, have a jurisdiction over self-condamnation. Is Hon Kenyatta condemning himself over the happenings of 2007/8? We all know what has been happening to the ICC cases with witnesses recanting their statements one after another. Will justice ever be served to the Post-election victims?

Checking through the list of dignitaries invited to the momentous swearing ceremony, one name sticks out. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The Ugandan president who has ensured that democracy is never realized in Uganda. The one man who has silenced every desenting voice to his presidency – including Morgan Tsangirai. What picture does this relationship between the Digital Jubilee Government and President Museveni?

Well, I don’t know, you might not know …but is President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta fooling Kenyans?


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  1. You have expressed your opinion and that is your democratic right as a kenyan and in accordance with our constitution. I will not defend the president -choice of millions of Kenyans or even try to understand his religious meaning of not lifting the Bible. If you are a committed christian who understand the content of the bible, you will find that not even the christian book itself advocate swearing in any other. We have seen pastors who couch actors to showcase a miracle and still lift the holy book and even read it to the crowd they are confusing. The issue my have a lot to do with the way Uhuru Kenyatta Believes in His God. Seeing what his God has done for him, we are left to ask ourselves, What does Uhuru believe. Margret Kenyatta; is his wife and if the institution of marriage is anywhere near the truth we read in the same bible then she has every right to be there next to him. You may be surprised that she might be the force behind the man.

    • Thanks for stopping by to get my perspective.

      The bottom line is that Mr Kenyatta needs to give Kenyans an explanation on the reason as to why he made the decision.

  2. All you other articles are usually awesome, but this one ah! ah! am actually disappointed reading your thoughts as displayed by the words in the script. Truth be told..

    • I am glad that you are an avid reader of my perspectives.

      In regards to this piece, it still remains my perspective and I would love it if you gave me your perspective of the same issue.

      Looking forward to seeing you around soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Firstly, thank you for being a writer, I believe writers are thinkers. The whole furore is much ado about nothing. To clear the air, my understanding of the whole thing is this; Margaret will hold the Bible, UK will then place his hand on the Bible (which can be considered an equivalent of holding, unless you only subscribe to the lifting of the bible thing). FYI, it will not be precedent setting, Barack Obama (though he was not the first) went through the same ritual with Michele and no eyebrows were raided. Secondly, it is not a must that you swear, you can just affirm without any religious book and it will be well within the law. Finally, I concur that the snake Museveni is not a man worth emulating, but the man who has been receiving beatings from him is Dr. (Col. Rtd) Kiiza Besigye. Zimbabwean strongman Dr. Robert Mugabe is the one who is always striving to reconfigure the face of Morgan Tsvangirai.

  4. lots of bitterness… “Nobody, I repeat
    NOBODY voted for Mrs.
    Margaret Muigai. She does
    not need to hold a Bible in
    front of any Kenyan.” let kenyatta honour his wife as he pleases. Suppose he is a sworn traditionalists?

    • An extreme opinion can be mistaken to be bitterness …but no, to the author, it remains an opinion.

      As regards the issue of being a traditionalist or not, Hon. Kenyatta has talked of his Christianity more often than not…or else you know something about his religious background that I don’t know.

      Thanks for dropping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

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