#ComradeshipOnTrial: Please Listen To /11Bs


After a meeting with the Egerton University Halls Department,the Students’ Union of Egerton University (SUEU), through their twitter handle (@SUEUNjoro) announced that the second year students (/11A and /11B) will be required to start booking hostels for their first semester of their third academic year on Monday 15th of April 2013.

Among the conditions set include payment of the accommodation fee before being allocated a room. Tatton hostels have been excluded from the process. To level the ground for all 11B class, all of them are required to book their rooms afresh. These requirements are said to have been agreed upon by the SUEU executive committee and the Halls Department setting a blaze the long time rivalry between the /11A class and their /11B counterparts.

Among the grievances raised by the /11B students include their being sidelined by the school administration and the students union. The SUEU calendar is set in such a way that the elections are held in October. During this time, the /11B are usually on their long holidays. This means that they can’t take part in their Democratic right as students of Egerton University.

This tricky situation calls for sober minds to deal with the situation. The /11B students need to feel included into student affairs. Apart from attending the Culture Week and the Mr and Miss Egerton Pageant, there’s no other significant activity within campus attended by the students.

Secondly, /11B students have always cried foul of being referred to as /11Babies. As much as name “Baby” is sweet on children and love birds, calling bearded guys and pregnant ladies babies is deragatory. It might sound childish to whine about it but if not taken care of, it might widen the rift between the two groups of students.

The directive that compels all /11B students to vacate their rooms and do a fresh booking is seen to be in bad light. The affected students claim that they will be disadvantaged since they are in session now and may not be in a position to pay the required accommodation fee in time. As much as it was necessary to excempt Tatton hostels from the hostels to be booked, the directive shouldn’t have affected the whole lot of /11B class.

My perspective is, the affected students staying in Tatton would have been the only ones required to do fresh booking of rooms. It would be considerate to allow second year students staying in hostels other than Tatton to retain their rooms.

For the sake of the relationship of the two groups of Second year students, all the concerned people must be brought on board and an amicable solution reached. The two groups of students need to be reconciled. The altercations on social media must be brought to an end before it graduates into something else.

As much as some of the /11B demands can’t be granted, they have a right to be listened to. Let’s not deny them their right …


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