Egerton Radio: An Analysis Part #1


It’s long since I last blogged here but the wait is worth it.Was working on a number of posts as well as class work now that the exams are around the corner….starting this Friday 29th April.One of the posts I have been working on is one that seeks to reveal the behind the curtains of Mr and Miss Egerton Beauty Pageant that misuses young talents and leave them for the dead…keep it here for the story – probably immediately after my Semesterial exams. I here Egerton University – Nakuru Town Campus haven’t had the competition since 2010? Well, we’ll find out!

Talking of Nakuru Town Campus, I remember this post is about Egerton Radio which is located within the Campus. It seeks to rate the shows that hit the Nakuru airwaves from the station. I’ll tackle the best three and the worst three shows on the station. Celebrating it’s first birthday next month, it’s worth being evaluated and told the truth as it is… I hope they invite me for the birth day celrations…

Rating out of 10*…And the worst three shows are….drum rolls…

3. Whassdown!…errr Whassup!

First it was Cynthia and Jeff making noise on the show, then DJ Jay joined Cynthia and the noise continued… the music on the show is good – thanks to the artists who placed tireless efforts in their musical careers and ensured that they produced commendable music. I wonder why the Duo or Trio Hosts of the show can’t march the kind of music they play and come up with a show to beat!

If they can’t, then they better play traditional songs on the show and shut the hell up for the  rest of the show! Sincerely speaking my ears practically get tired every time Cynthia screams into her microphone!We now know you have a voice Madam, can you now tone it down and feel your head with some content? You are  no longer informing your listeners about what’s up in Nakuru, but rather making noise to us and playing us good music…

Maybe I don’t know the objectives of the show… but I’m sure noise making is not one of them

That said, the show gets ***

2.Generation Y

Hats off to the guys who premiered the show on Egerton Radio, but I bet you must be heartbroken right now. Apart from the little spice that the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee  every Wednesday, the show has totally lost in terms of originality. Yes we know that Campus guys and chics love to talk about love, money and sex, but as a Radio Station committed to serving the community, your role should always remain positive.

“The Controversial Guy”, keep your controversy to yourself because it’s neither informing, educating nor entertaining us! Obed needs to drop his second name and adopt something like “boring” or “unprepared”…they’ll do well man! How on earth do you want us to listen to you if all you know best is eating the Mic? I have no knowledge in Radio but when you put a mic before me will keep a safe distance to ensure sound clarity.

Please avoid bringing those clowns that fear microphones to the studio! Hosting them is like hosting a dumb guest on your show. That, I say with humility and respect to our vocally challenged brothers and sisters. I hope the people who approve whoever goes on air is reading this… We would rather have Winny Mandi hosting the show with her fake tweng than have voiceless lasses on the show.

That said, the show gets **

1. Breakfast Baraza

I am really embarrassed to be associated with this show. However, this was the most informative and incisive show during the campaign period leading to the 2013 General Elections. My friend Enoch and Daniel Maina I blame you for not grooming whomever you wanted to take over after your exit. The show has totally lost it. It has turned into a playground for Presenter Wannabes…. I no longer listen to it.

The show lost it’s grip on listeners with the exit of Daniel Maina. Enoch Tonui became boring with his ‘and’ word even where it’s not applicable. He tried to change and after corrections from listeners… A suitable co-host was frustrated by the Radio Management. A shrubbing co-host was quickly arranged and introduced on the show during the Gazeti Review section. He shrubbed his way to hosting the show upon the exit of Enoch. I hope that Enoch’s efforts to have his preferred co-host did not cost him his job.

That said, the show gets *


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Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics is on my papers, commentating on sociopolitical and campus issues is my trade and run deep in my blood, humility and Trust in God are my guides, dreams and visions of a better tomorrow motivate me.

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