Egerton Radio: An Analysis Part #2


Yesterday I started my analysis of the shows on Egerton Radio by giving you the three worst programs alias shows as per my perspective. Today, unveil the second and last part of the analysis by providing the list of the best three shows on the Radio Station. I must however share a joke made by a friend when I told him about the station. Apparently, the Radio Station is little known within Nakuru from where its base of listenership is.

My friend asked me whether Egerton Radio was a new Yoghurt Plant set up by Egerton University. Of course the joke was overstretched but again it says a lot about the marketing department at the Radio Station and the quality of shows that air on the station. Rating out of 10*….here are the best three shows on Egerton Radio 101.7 FM

3. One Drop Session

The show airs every Saturday from 7:00 am to 10:00 am and Sundays 10 – 1:00 pm. Hosted by the duo of Ras Anne and ZJ, the show has been criticized for playing secular reggae music on Sundays but still remain one of the most listened to show on weekends.

The chitchat by the two hosts in between the music is on point and quite entertaining. Ras Anne however tends to domineer over her co-host who sometimes runs away from the mic as if it will bit him. The ‘Head to Head’ segment is a plus to the show…and it will be better if the presenters dug dipper into the profiles of the artists whose music they choose for the segment. Listeners get interested in a show when they get more than entertainment. For instance Guardian Angel is my favorite Gospel Reggae musician….

I would more than love to know his profile! For the great mixes and witty chitchat together with the flop of playing secular reggae tunes on Sunday, the show gets ******

2. Misdemeanor

On 31st of December 2012, while doing my review of the year that was, this was the show to beat. It has been displaced but still has my respect. The show makes the midmorning radio worth listening to. Loaded with the latest music in Kenya, East Africa and around the world, it keeps listeners on the edge of their sits. With the Presenters playing the listeners’ requests and involving the listeners in the conversation, the show has cut its niche

The hosts have been involved in controversies but are still up. Hero Radio “Carebean Fever” host Dj Lean felt the threat when he noticed that the name of his show was the Thursday Theme of the Misdemeanor show on Egerton Radio. The verbal exchange through Facebook manifested the immaturity levels of Dj Lean of Hero Radio and Muniumuniu of Egerton Radio…you guys need a lesson or two in dealing with such stuff. That was however a good indication that ‘Misdemeanor’ is not but ‘just another kind of show’. The music, the vibe and the entertainment on the show can make one miss a lecture or two in a week.

You guys however need to understand that in order to take over the Nakuru airwaves, you need to focus on more than Egerton Students. Having said that, the show is worth ********

1. Wazee Hukumbuka

Hitting the airwaves every weekday from 1:00 pm, the show plays the best of Rhumba and Lingala tunes that still resonates well with the Kenyan youth. Daniel Kipchumba is as entertaining as the kind of music he plays on the show. He’s in fact the only Kenyan I know from the Great Rift who speaks fluent Swahili… but I bet he will shrub my name a million times before getting it right. Loaded with content and guided with objectivity, he ensures that listeners are infotained at all times. His hearty laughter – at times at nothing – is enough to keep listeners hooked to the station.

When accompanied with ‘The Expensive lady’ and Engineer, they turn the studio into a mad house. The ‘Friday Full House’ show is a great initiative that seeks to promote talent within Nakuru County. Several musicians have benefited from the show thanks to Kipchumba. The show gets a cool ********* …….

The Management needs to appreciate the difference between TALENT and PROFESSION…tap the talent and let it grow into a profession instead of killing talent through beaurocracy. Sometimes it’s worth breaking the rules for the good of the future. If the current beaurocracy at the station is not brought to a stop then many talents will never see the light of the day. When are you planning to install a telephone for in calls during shows?


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