Is It Time Kenyan Laws Recognized Gay Marriages?


Look around you ……the guy next to you is Gay! Pooouwh!

A simple Google Search of “Sodomy cases in Kenya” yields more than 5 pages of search results! This implies that sodomy is nolonger a reserve for other countries but ‘steadily’ rising in Kenya if the Provisional Police Records in Kenya for the year 2005 – 2010 by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is anything to go by.

Priests sodomizing young boys under their care and going scot-free is becoming like a norm in Kenya. Fathers turning against their sons after separating with their wives is not news anymore. After all, the suspect will be taken to court, remanded, case dragged for a year or long enough for interested parties lose interest before being acquitted for lack of enough evidence! The burden of proof having been laid with either a corrupt or an incompetent prosecutor!

I am not well conversant with the situation in developed countries that have embraced gay marriages but I bet their sodomy and rape cases significantly reduced. USA is a model nation with the president’s backing gay marriage legislation even though he’s straight! The UK is also on the track towards embracing gayism as a way of life. This begs the question, is this the answer Kenyans need?

Are gay Kenyans turning to young kids and defiling them due to their lack of freedom of association? Many defilement victims always tell of the threats that accompany the act. From teachers threatening to fail them in their subjects to priests threatening to discontinue the alter boys from their catechism classes! What if these Kenyans were allowed to come out in public and allowed to declare their sexual orientation, mingle and even get married? Will we be facing the problem of defilement of young boys?

The kenyan constitution is clear when it comes to same sex marriages. It’s a criminal offence for a man to get sexually involved with fellow men. Same applies to women. Rape is also a crime under the Law and the Sexual Offences Act penalizes the crime harshly – on paper. The situation on the ground is different and appalling.

When sodomy was the in-thing in Sodom and Gomorrah, God destroyed them. Should we go back to those days? Maybe not! Maybe we just need to protect the young generation and let the grown up Kenyans be judged by their conscience.

Is it time for the Kenyan Laws to recognize gay marriages? The USA took more than 100 years to do that. Should we wait for that long at the expense of our children? Strange enough, even grown up men – who can protect themselves from the defilers – have horrifying tales of how they were sodomized! In one incident, a man narrates how he was lured by drinks before being sodomized at gun point! The perpetrators of the heinous act left him with ksh 1000 and a note written “Welcome to the HIV world”.

Yeah! It’s that serous and increasing by day and night. In schools, Hotels, Streets, Churches, Bars, Residential Areas and even homes! The boy child is under threat. Nowhere to hide! Nowhere to call home! Nobody to trust! If nothing is done no man will be safe in the company of fellow men.

Time may be ripe for the recognition of gay marriages and increasing the penalty for rape and sodomy to castration if not death by hanging!!


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