Egerton University Taking The Digital Joke A Notch Higher


So, the Egerton University Administration through the Halls Department today issued a directive requiring students to book for the rooms via email! This must be the joke of the semester. I can imagine over 10,000 students sending emails to one email address at a go. The Administration must be taking the digital joke to a whole new level.

Let’s reason together …

The student population at Egerton University Njoro Campus stands comfortably over 10,000. Close to a quarter of the population are comfortably or otherwise reside off-campus, thanks to the inability of the school to provide enough accommodation to all its students. This leaves us with over 7,500 students struggling to occupy the rooms within the school. Some of them even end up roaching (pirating) in rooms all over campus.

To avoid the hustle and struggle related to acquisition of rooms on opening day, the students requested for an online booking system. Little did they know that the school will create some email and order them to book rooms via the email.

Assuming that the Computer Department, with it’s brains did not school the University Policy Makers, I’ll try to do just that. I believe online booking involves the development of a software that has a database of all the rooms available for booking around the campus. I bet this could be a project of one or two of the Computer Science students within the university. I mean, how did Mark Zurkerberg and Bill Gates start their trade? Within school right?

If the engineering students can’t be allowed to leave a mark of their presence within campus, this was the best opportunity for the computer science students.

The automated software would have been designed in such a way that it shows the rooms that have already been booked and those that are yet to be booked. This would enable the students check out the rooms available even while on the Bank lines awaiting to deposit the accommodation fee. The student will then enter the receipt number into the database. The booking will then be effected upon confirmation of the validity of the receipt number by either the personnel from the Accommodation or Finance Department.

I bet the geeks are in a position to visualize what I am talking about and come up with a better and more efficient solution to the persistent accommodation menace.

The joke that the University Administration through the Halls Department is neither attainable nor acceptable. It’s not in good faith for the students. First, how many people will they employ to read and reply the thousands and thousands of emails? Knowing students to be cheeky, one may decide to spam the address. What will the Admin do? Secondly, what level of assurance should the students have that the men and women behind the screens replying to the mails will be impartial?

That the Director Security, Catering and Accommodation is in support of this joke really puts into question where her priorities are. She should have looked at the pros and cons of this move before allowing it to go through. Was she armtwisted into the decision? Was her back scratched? Only her can clarify.

We all know what happens at the Halls Department every opening day. The blatant corruption that takes place is unforgettable. If this is the product of the change of guard, then it’s nothing but mediocrity. If dealing with the Halls Department staff face to face is corrupt enough, how will dealing with them through email change that?

If this is a punitive measure to some students who might not be able to oil the pockets of greedy officials, let’s know! If SUEU has been silenced by the administration forcefully or otherwise, we better know. Otherwise, the Egerton University Administration is joking with it’s major client.


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  2. it’ll tek tme 2 get this in2 d heads of these pre-dgital grands stl holdng office.they gotta up d game othrwise egerton wil neva mek a stride 4wad

  3. In UoN, they implemented an online booking system three years ago but it doesn’t work the way you are visualizing here. There, everybody applies for a room of his/her preferences but the allocation is some kind of lottery which some will get, some wont and they don’t look at the room preferences which you booked.

    • Thanks for dropping by!

      Irrespective of the similarities between my visualization and the systems at use in University of Nairobi, I bet students at UoN do not hustle a lot to get rooms at the university. It’s not as blind a system as the email booking system employed at Egerton

      Welcome again to get my Perspective

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