Two Lessons From Campus


When youngsters join campus, expectations run high and adrenaline drives them over the limit as they try to fit in or stand out. Ladies try out new outfits, new lifestyles and new friends. Men on the other hand try to make their presence heard …especially among the ladies. In the process of struggling to – in a way – measure up to the ‘title’ of being a student in an institution of higher learning, the young and adolescent Kenyans find themselves in virtual classes learning the art of survival at campus.

Among the many lessons learnt during a student’s stay at campus, two lessons stand out.:

1. At Campus Everybody is Rich … Especially At The Beginning of The Semester

When joining campus, everybody think that they are the ones HELB has given the highest amount of money. Those on self-sponsorship think that if their parents can afford to pay their six-figure tuition fee, they must be the show stoppers. Little do they know that HELB sorts out everybody who applies and qualifies for the money. Little do they know that more than enough families sold their livestock or conducted Harambees for their sons and daughters to join campus.

As the semester progresses, pockets run dry as bank accounts remain dormant. Guys forget their ATM pins while those relying on their parents fully start looking forward to end month. Ladies drop their “Mr. Right Qualities” just to get dated. The ladies start looking for reasons to date any guy at or out of campus while gentlemen start avoiding ladies like a plague. It becomes survival for the fittest and guy become sensitive to money.

No wonder “Semesterial Marriages” hardly go beyond this time. With guys doing everything possible to avoid their girlfriends and girlfriends doing everything to remain wanted by their men, conflicts arise. Such conflicts more often than not lead to break ups.

2. Beautiful Ladies Are Dangerous

Campuses have wide range of ladies, from those that defines beauty to those who put meaning to the term ugly. They come in different colours and style. The ugly ones always insecure and trying as much as possible to remain beautiful in the eyes of their beholders. The beautiful ones on the other hand are always dangerous. Only a few do not bring harm to the men who go after them with a request to date them.

Being on high demand on and off-campus, thanks to their beauty, they are the reasons why men end up loosing teeth. Like hyenas fighting for a piece of meat, men fight for these ladies. The financially endowed men will splash and flaunt their financial muscles at the lady. Those that are physically endowed engage in physical altercations. The lady runs away and leave the men to their fights.

Find yourself in such fights and you will leave to tell the story of how you learnt your lessons the hard way. With a beautiful lady under your keep as a man, you become an endangered species around campus.

I believe there are more lessons that students at campus get to learn as they continue with their life at campus ….share them in the comment box.


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  1. Satire at it’s best. Couldn’t help but just laugh at those intelligent “stupid” campus guys who fight over a beautiful lady. Btw, beauty is relative and why men define themselves with the possession of a “beautiful” girl is beyond my height of knowledge.

    • As foolish as it maybe, guys at campus loose their body parts, thanks to fights over a lady …

      Haven’t mentioned the numerous cat-fights around campus yet!

      Thanks for dropping by to get my perspective

  2. Nobody is worth losing body parts over. If a guy or a girl loves you…really loves you…he/she doesn’t bring you into such situations to begin with. If you suddenly find yourself in the middle of such insane positions; ask yourself: why are you doing this if you love me? Then just walk away…
    I never, have never and never will fight over a guy. There’s too many of them out there who’ll want and love me just the same..

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