#TheEgertonWeWant: Do The Secretaries Need Lessons In PR and Customer Care?


Egerton University prides itself in being a ‘World Class University for Advancement of Humanity’ but the Front Desk Managers alias Secretaries are not doing any justice to the pride. I even wonder at times whether the ability to be arrogant and extremely beaurocratic was a mandatory qualifications for some of them. I’m sure I’m not the only one who prefers talking to the bosses in various offices around Egerton straight instead of through their secretaries.

Many a times students get frustrated and even give up on following important matters pertaining their education or welfare within campus, thanks to this crop of Front Desk Managers in whose veins flows the beaurocratic blood. I remember a colleague who wondered out loud whether a secretary in one of the Faculty of Education and Community Studies’ departments was on(in?)her periods. According to the student, it’s only women in their periods who can behave the way the secretary behaved towards her.

That brings a new dimension to the whole issue. To what extent should family issues affect your professional ethics and your attitude at work? There should be a clear distinction between ones way of treating their clients at work and family at home. If one can’t separate the two, then to my perspective, they should not be allowed to represent the face of a university grappling with many issues including their geographical location.

As the University gears towards the maintaining of the ISO status, it’s high time beaurocracy was shown the door. Things around campus need to be allowed to flow easily to the benefit of the clients. I don’t see the reason why the University can’t utilize students’ skills in improving the status of the university! Universities in the West are raking in millions of dollars thanks to projects by students with the universities.

Front desk managers are the face of the university, while students are the main clients to the university. My High School business studies tells me that for any institution to succeed in maintaining a customer base, the customers MUST always be happy. The Customer is always right! Even though Egertonians can be a hard lot to deal with, I’m positive that they have their soft spots …which can’t be realized through arrogance!

Guys heading for their attachment this year I’m sure you know the Secretary who insists on your producing a student ID before she serves you. “I have orders from above …” is her common defence. This thing of “Orders from above” is very slave-like. It’s so yesterday! The document the Secretary was issuing had nothing to do with the student ID. If that’s the opportunity she had to harass students, then it must have paid of …especially now that two students missed the vehicle they were to travel with, thanks to her delaying them.

As students, we have the power to say NO! The sad thing is Egertonians are not manly enough to stand against what is wrong. How many times have the Matatus at the gate hiked their fare but students still pay? What if we refused to pay and asked them to find an alternative route that does not pass by our gate? How many times have we spied on each other after a demo? Are we paid for that? If we have to be treated by the front desk managers as the clients we are, then maybe we should teach them a lesson or two in Public Relations and Customer Care – the hard way.

If not, then maybe the university needs to embrace male secretaries around Egerton offices!


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