Stop Whining Egertonians And Start Doing


A visit to the Egerton Campus Life will give an impression that SUEU is a bunch of busy-bodies who do nothing but eat at the expense of the students. Complains are thrown to the SUEU representatives from left, right and centre until one may not help but wonder why the body is still in existent. In fact, the SUEU may be disbanded if the complains by students were to be taken into consideration.


We need to ask ourselves as students at Egerton University what SUEU is… SUEU is an acronym for Students Union of Egerton University. This means that each and every student at the ‘World class University for advancement of humanity’ is a member of SUEU! Therefore, there’s need to dissociate our minds from the thinking that SUEU is a one-man or two-men show. SUEU is the students… we however elect representatives to articulate our will and wish to the university administration and the outside world.


After this dissociation from local and illiterate mentality, we need to take charge of ourselves and our needs as students. The elected SUEU representatives are only supposed to guide us into finding solutions to our problems as students. The rest remains with us. It’s we as students who can either change things or maintain the status quo that has always been to our disadvantage. Lamenting on social media won’t bring #TheEgertonWeWant. We need to point out what we want – on social media otherwise – then get down to it and achieve it.


There are a million and one instances where we are required to show our comradeship and get things moving. We however prefer the easy way, and then start cursing SUEU left center and right. When the Matatus at the gate hike their fare, instead of standing together as comrades and saying NO to the daylight robbery, everybody becomes for himself and let God be for us all. Then after paying the hiked fare, we update on Facebook how SUEU is useless. I wonder where the ‘Union’ in Students’ Union of Egerton University usually goes to.


Thus far, I can say without fear of contradiction that the 2012/13 SUEU representatives have done a marvelous job. Despite Kivondo’s overstretched pride, his team has done us pride. We have to give them the credits. It’s we – the students at the university – who are failing ourselves. It’s we who are letting them down. We need to wake up! We need to provide the necessary support that our elected leaders need.


Right now, three of SUEU representatives are awaiting a Senate decision that might or might not threaten their academic future at the institution. As comrades, what are we doing to that effect? Mocking the? Laughing at them? Maybe not. They led us into making history. A daytime demonstration without any damage fee wasn’t an easy feat. It was history. The only time the university administration did not benefit from students unrest. But wait, some of us went all bile on the in the comfort of our rooms and abused them calling them a number of names. What was the benefit?


We want SUEU to push for the expansion of the Egernet coverage around campus. We however are leading in the vandalism of sockets in the existing Internet hot spots within campus. Opportunity comes with responsibility. We aren’t responsible of our resources as comrades. That’s why we destroy our own, then tweet about it or update about it on Facebook.


We allow ourselves to be treated badly by the University staff. Why can’t we stand up and say NO to that secretary who thinks the University belongs to him or her? How about the lecturers who threaten us with Fs and we keep quite? What if we reported them to the relevant authorities? I thought there’s a clear message at the University Gate that ‘Egerton is a Corruption Free Zone’! Let’s not play to the tunes of the corrupt… let’s rise up as comrades and take charge of our lives, our education, our future. Let’s stop whining!


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  1. A good one, thou misplaced. I tend to believe that SUEU as a team has failed to mobilise the students & thats why comrades will never dance to the same tune.. Besides, those guys never delivered what they promised.OUR PROBLEMS ARE STILL HAUNTING US.Nothing has really changed.

    Anyway,you seem to be hired SUEU operative.

    • Thanks for dropping by to get MY PERSPECTIVE.

      Our problems are still haunting us because we refuse to collaborate with our elected leaders for our own good. SUEU is the Students Union of Egerton University …it’s a body of students not an individual.

      Feel free to drop by again to get my perspective and prove your “SUEU hired operative” claim right or wrong.

  2. Well said, we should learn to support our own in every way so as to keep them going….You guys have done a great job continue with the spirit….. dont put your tools down rather hold them firm, all will be well on wednesday #team Vicky!!

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