Two Guys You Should Never Date at Campus


Ladies, I know a Google search will provide more than five pages of results showing the kind of guys you should or shouldn’t date in life. Campus is however considered a hunting ground – a place that may determine how you’ll spend the rest of your life. With the ever decreasing life expectancy, no one wants to get it wrong from the start. Men can brag about their never-ending libido …women don’t share the same sentiments, especially after being told that at 30 years and above their ability of conceiving reduces with increasing age.

No woman wants to waste their valuable years. These valuable years are often spent at campus where all kinds of men. From the drunkereds to the Holly Joes, these men are ready to take on any lady that comes their way. This calls for the need to have a reference manual where ladies can refer before saying “Yes” to that request of being dated.

My list isn’t conclusive, but will provide a rough idea of the kind of guys you can find at campus and which needs to be avoided by ladies in the process of ‘kissing the many frogs before they meet the prince. I did a similar list for the Reel Magazine (


This is the guy who thinks nothing but sex when he’s with you. He can’t meet you in a public place …and if he does, he suggests almost immediately that you move to a more private place. There are two possibilities ..he’s either cheating on someone else with you or you are his ‘sexual partner’ and not a girlfriend. Run as fast as possible if you meet such a guy.

He might have dumped somebody for you …why? Because he had probably misused her enough or he nolonger finds her attractive in bed, thanks to his continual sexual engagements with her. He’ll probably request for a sleep over after a week or two in the relationship ….that’s a red light! The relationship will probably end at ‘Keep Left’ – famous in Egerton University.

The sex pest will not discuss things to do with your relationship and how to better it. Sex will be the best topic anytime all the time. You can be rest assured that after a sexual encounter with him, you’ll be the topic of discussion when he meets his friends. The determination of your performance in bed by his friends – based on what the guy tells them – will determine the fate of the relationship.


Unless you want to date a group of men, avoid that guy who always comes to see you in the company of his loyal friends. The guy lacks self esteem – a turn on for most women. The guy will be as boring as you can imagine once his friends are gone. He’ll not be incharge, because being incharge has never been his thing!

If you can’t pull him from the group. If you can’t isolate him from the group, them let him grow first. You risk being called a pedophile if you continue hanging out with his group of ‘adolescents’… or even a tomboy! Allow the boy to find his footing as a man.

A groupie will not treat you the way a woman should be treated.


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