Take Ten Saturday: Freeboy


“Take Ten Saturday” is a new category/ segment of Denshispeaks that seeks to expose talents around Egerton University and make their works known. This segment will be rolling out every Saturday. Be sure to catch it!

To start us of today is an Award winning inspirational Gospel Musician, a Student at Egerton University – Njoro Campus going by the stage name Freeboy.

Let Take Ten Roll…

10. What’s your real name?

FREEBOY: My name Is Geoffrey Kemboi Chemisto.

9. What type of music do you do?

FREEBOY: I do Gospel music on an Urban Contemporary Instrumentals/ Beats.

8. Number of songs already out? Any album?

FREEBOY: I have eight (8) songs so far. I can’t put it that I’m headed to having an album because I am more concerned with working on singles perfectly then do the videos later. (I am) still scouting for my unique beat to have an album on it.

7. Being that you are a student, how do you jargon between academics and music?

FREEBOY: I use my free time practising. Writing lyrics for me isn’t a hustle as all the lines I have composed so far came hivyo tu (without a struggle), thanks to my routine Bible Study.
Then performances are usually on weekends, but, remember I am an upcoming musician, do I don’t have busy musical schedules.

6. As an upcoming musician in Egerton University, what are some of the challenges you face?

FREEBOY: Concerts that support talented students are unheard of here. The administration has no programme that seeks to tap talent and expose. Then again most students aren’t ready to get outta their comfort zones and speak out to be heard and supported by the university.
But I must appreciate those students who always keep up with my music progress, those who ensure they have my songs and again share the same on social media.

5. Talking of sharing your music, where can guys get your music?

FREEBOY: Oh! On Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/freeboy and (Sound cloud): http://www.soundcloud.com/freeboy_ke

4. What’s your take on relationships? Are you in one?

FREEBOY: Relationships are tricky, but, I take this very relating decision to be a personal and honest one. If one sees it fit to be in a relationship, it should be based on love, sincerity and trust for it to last. The decision as to whether or not to relate should come from the heart.
As for me, I am Single.

3. Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

FREEBOY: I am signed to Talanta Crew now. It’s in this very management that I see growth to not only be an inspirational Gospel artist in East Africa but also be a mentor to the youth and teenagers who have talent and passion in music.
Lastly I look forward to graduate from Egerton having left behind a fully fledged musical band.

2. Last words to fellow upcoming musicians…

FREEBOY: Believe in yourself, work smartly hard to produce quality for God will reward us all in His own time. Humility leads to growth, prayer opens all windows and doors.

1. Lastly, Why “Freeboy” as a stage name?

FREEBOY: Coz I am a Free Son “boy” of the Most High God.

There you have it! If you want featured or somebody featured in this section, just drop me an email on dennisshisia@rocketmail.com and I’ll get it done!

Till next Saturday for another “Take Ten Saturday”…. keep it here!

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