Money: The Root of A Happy Relationship by Neemo Alice


A few days a go, the shocking story of a woman who planned the execution of her husband hit the headlines. All she wanted, according to the reports, was the husband’s wealth. She was served with a generous measure of insults, with some generalizing her community. She and I share the middle name and I hope whatever she did had nothing to do with the name.

I had my own opinion too, which I won’t air for now …

One wonders, is money that important or is it that people put much importance to material gains? I leave it to the court of conscience. While I believe that money is the root of all evil, it’s true that sometimes it functions better as a seed – for happiness or otherwise.

Inject money into anybody’s mind and see the transformation. When it comes to love for money, we all stand guilty. Whether it’s the love for money or what money can do is out of question. Whoever doesn’t love money has probably never had any. If that makes me a gold digger …do throw the first stone if you’re not.

Money And Relationships

Very few people will admit that their relationships were either initiated or are based on finances. She noticed the number of zeros in his pay cheque before she saw the birthmark on his forehead. Most couples breaking up will tell you that money had a major role to play. It’s either because of lack of it or too much that it’s threatening to displace them.

Nothing can play the role of money in relationships – not even love. We need to settle the bills among other things; something only money can do. When does money become an issue? Is it lack of it or its abundance that gives many sleepless nights? Many of us, if not all, have tasted either and so I assume the answers are in our heads. I’ll tell you what I think – money is not and has never been a problem, the problem is the value we attach to it, especially in relationships.

Gentlemen agree with me that it boosts your ego. When you can afford to buy your lady all that she NEEDS. When you start paying for her WANTS, I call that spoiling her… and ladies love to be spoilt.

However, it’s also only wise to impress within your means. This way, you do not give her an excuse to take off once you are broke. You give yourselves a chance at happiness and contentment with the much you have. If you cannot afford her a car, at least pay her bus fare. A real lady will appreciate. Buy her a Cookery Magazine if a meal at a five star hotel is still a dream you are nurturing. I’m no expert, but I can freely tell you that women are good at adapting to situations beyond their control. If a man presents himself with a Mr Money Bags demeanor, I should not be demonized for expecting a first class life.

Ladies, if a man does not have what you think you need, shy away instead of frog matching him to his grave – at the expense of your happiness. Allow him space to find a lady who has less affinity for cash. I am quite intrigued by the ladies of the time. They want ‘their own’ everything. The era of beggar-housewives went away with Tokyo trousers.

Independent ladies do not seek financial security from their men. They want to build a secure future for their children together with the man. They want to support their man when need arises. I hope that all this is not just in my head. Independent ladies are all over, it only takes an extra effort to find them gentlemen!

Money will only take as much space as it’s allowed. It could be the foundation or a catalyst to your happy relationship. The worst couple can do is allow money to take total control…. that would be a recipe for a loved story about to end disastrously. Give it a thought.


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