Take Ten Saturday: Muniu Muniu “The Man With The Same Name Twice”


Famed for his witty mimics of the Retired President Kibaki on the weekly midmorning show “The Misdemeanor” on Egerton Radio together with his co-host Swamkid, Muniu Muniu is an emerging media personality parked with talent and taking the airwaves in Nakuru by a storm. He lets us in on his life as a radio presenter and a student at Egerton University Nakuru Town Campus on today’s ‘Take Ten Saturday’

10. What’s your real name?
Muniu Muniu: Vincent Kirugumi Mwaniki

9. Give a brief description of yourself
Muniu Muniu: I am a focused, outgoing young man with zeal and who has a different perspective of virtually everything. A Media student, Radio presenter, News anchor, brother and budding activist

8. As a radio presenter, what’s a typical day like?
Muniu Muniu: Arriving at the studio way before time and looking up for trends and latest news across all fields save for business….I then consult with my co-host and we come up with the most suitable topic and voila! We do the show… After the show I get to go for classes if any

7. How many media students are there in NTC and how did you manage to obtain airtime on Egerton Radio?
Muniu Muniu: (We are) about 2500. I auditioned solo like the others and failed… by then I wanted to do news…I joined hands with Swamkid and we jokingly did a demo which became the stepping stone to where we are.

6. Do you have any political ambition?
Muniu Muniu: I have ambitions as in the coming Semester I have given up myself to vie for the post of Sec-Gen NTC

5. How has life on Radio shaped your outlook on life?
Muniu Muniu: Radio has helped me know that everyone has an innate talent but it is not until you work on it that you recognize it. Radio has helped me meet many new people and it has helped me build networks too.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next four years?
Muniu Muniu: In the next four years expect to have completed my course and to go out and now put my skills into more practice

3. Do you believe that studying journalism is the only way to being successful on radio/TV?
Muniu Muniu: One does not need to do media or journalism to do radio but it enhances ethics and professionalism

2. Your last words and advice to aspiring Radio show hosts/ News anchors?
Muniu Muniu: Campus is and remains to be the best place to know your innate person so while there explore and you never know…from me Muniu Muniu… the man with the same name twice… see you on Misdemeanor on Egerton Radio. My advice to them (aspiring Radio Show hosts and anchors) is that it is not a walk in the park but with practice, self confidence, dedication and commitment

1. Why the name Muniu Muniu?
Muniu Muniu: Muniu is a character in Dj Afro movies and at one time I used to rent them so it reached a point I had to adopt the name and thus it became a household name at NTC and I decided to use it on radio

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