The Naked Fashion


The word ‘fashion’ rings different bells to different people. While it means walking half naked to some, it means dressing up from head to toe to others. The issue is, when does fashion become a nuisance to the general public? …maybe I should start by asking can fashion be a nuisance? Can fashion be a source of societal degradation? When and how does that happen?

Fashion has really lost its meaning and essence in the society. Men and women, crowded by ‘digital thoughts’ are headed back to the days when what mattered is covering their private parts. Remember the stone age period? The days when the best clothes were cow skins? We might be digitally back to those days …only that today, there are no private parts.

Thanks to social media, there are no private parts. Not when the digital generation is ready to share there nudes with total strangers. Not when blogs about ‘private affairs’ of people get the highest hits. There are no private parts if ‘Kenyan Socialites’ are anything to go by ….by the way, who is a Socialite? According to the Kenyan version, these are people who are ready to f*ck anybody …for money.

After preaching to Africans and showing them how to wear clothes, the Westerns world is back. There mission is different though. There mission is to teach Africans how to go against the Biblical teachings they religiously imparted on Africans. There mission is to teach Africans how to walk close to naked ..if not naked. And for sure ….Africans are as great learners as they are great ‘Unlearners’.

Boys are now considering tight jeans and fitting tops on bony bodies as fashion. On the other hand, ladies with skirts that start too late and end too early with three quarters of their breasts hanging are fashionable. Gone are the days when ones qualifications guaranteed them a job. Ladies will go to an extra mile to do a background search on the manager in whose company or organization they’ve applied for a job.

If their boss to be is a youth or an old man with youthful blood, then some cleavage and thigh exposure will guarantee her a job …up to 50%. The question begs, who is to blame?

Men have always been judged from their dress code. Put on an official outfit as a man and you’ll earn your respect, even without a penny in your pocket. It’ll however point towards your joking tendencies if you turn up in a jeans and a T-shirt. Ruin your reputation forever – at least for me – by appearing gayish in those skinny jeans and tops …especially if you are skinny.

In the quest of appearing fashionable, more harm than good has been done. Look at the causes of rape …without vilification, dress code is a contributing factor. Check out the reason why ladies have been undressed in public …is it because of skimpy dressing? Ponder. Investigate the reasons for cheating, both for men and women. ..what’s the contribution of the dress code?

So, when do we say somebody is smart? Mini skirts are not bad …but how ‘mini’ is your mini skirt? Cleavages can be shown …but how much are you showing? Make ups can be worn …but how different do you look with your make up on? As a man, jeans are stylish ..but what’s the occasion? As a man, who told you skinny is stylish and fashionable?

As we embrace fashion, let’s always ask ourselves how naked the fashion we are embracing is.


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  2. Reblogged this on kevmach's Blog and commented:
    … Having that others will apply some dresscodes to attract attention where when one gets the attention they want will use it to have what they want. They make those who are weak in controlling themselves fall for their ‘traps’ and got kinda control of their part..

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