Take Ten Saturday: Nosh


Peter N. Wairima is a the true impersonation of ‘Jack of all trades’. With a tinge of self confidence, lased with pride and fear of being ‘the laughing stock at campus’ upon the revelation of the origin of his stage name, Nosh, an Economics and History student at Egerton university, a model, a musician and current Egerton handball team captain lets us in to his life on this week’s Take Ten Saturday.

10. Who is Nosh? What does he do?
NOSH: Nosh is a campus guy. I’m outgoing and open minded; but as they say, ‘you are what your friends say’. They (my friends) say I’m daring, confident, listening and talkative. However, if you don’t know me, well, you might think I’m full of myself, which is wrong. I’m a student at Egerton pursuing (a degree in) Economics and history, the current Egerton Handball Team Captain, a songwriter, Singer and a Recording Artist.

9. You sound like a really occupied guy! How do you juggle between academics, modeling, sports and music?
NOSH: It may sound like I’m busy but I don’t notice it. It’s because of passion combined with talent I must say. I just don’t force anything, I fit in what I can do within a day.

8. Let’s talk modeling, what peagants have you participated in? What has been your success so far?
NOSH: Inside Campus, I’ve participated in the recent past two beauty peagents for Mr&Miss Egerton though I don’t like talking much about them. I became 2nd Runner’s Up in one of the competitions.
Out of campus, I’m a freelance model doing so much peagents, though they are not competitions, just exhibitions and displays.

7. Before we talk about music, there’s this Mr&Miss Ecotuorism – Egerton that’s being organised by Maiden Christine (Miss Egerton 2012/13) and Co, what’s your take? Will you participate?
NOSH: I think that’s a good idea and I congratulate them for supporting local talent. However, right now I’m on my long holidays so I’m obviously not going to manage…but I’ll see what I can do! Watch out, anything may happen.

6. What type of music do you do? Any hits out or albums?
NOSH: Let me say I’ve been into music for quite a while. This is important since it means I’ve been into different kinds of music such as Kapuka, Hip-hop, Crunk and some Lovey Dovey music.
However, last year I did dancehall music such as New Generation Reggae. So far I’ve been able to produce at least six (6) singles of my own and other collabos. On the top of the list is tracks like “Mwizi Mteti” (a paradox), about love…and a very new track called “Download it” which I’ll release very soon.

5. Where can guys get your music?
NOSH: http://www.soundcloud.com… just search “nosh-2” or you can like my Facebook Page “Nosh”, make five of your friends to like it and I’ll hook you up (with my music) in your mail!

4. Does modeling and music pay at campus?
NOSH: I’m sorry to say they don’t. Modeling gigs are very rare while music at Campus is all about performance… so, no records are sold.

3. SUEU is setting aside funds for the ‘Student Leadership Development Program’ that seeks to promote student projects and innovations, do you think artists like you can benefit from the fund?
NOSH: I don’t know much about it because I am not involved in it. so to avoid misquoting and misconceptions let me not comment about that.

2. Where do you see yourself in the next three years?
NOSH: Good question. I’ll be let’s say the first artist in Kenya to be excellent in both modelling and music. I know it’s quite hard due to problems like finance, corruption and that stuff… but with my fans behind me, Mungu atanifikisha (God will take me there).

1. What’s your advice to fellow artists and models around campus?
NOSH: Just do it from your heart. Feel it yourself first and then others will feel you. Trust in God, Work hard, listen and learn from others but all in all, be yourself. Do your thing.

Well guys, there you have it! You wanna be featured or what somebody featured? Drop your mail at dennisshisia@rocketmail.com or Tweet me @Denshispeaks and let’s set the ball rolling.

Remember, Take Ten Saturday is for students, by the students!


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