The Hit And Run Flirt by Neemo Alice


Eavesdropping on people’s conversations is not one of my habits. However, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between the two ladies walking behind me. One was openly cursing because a male colleague at work had apparently led her on. According to her, the man had made her think that he was into her only for her to find him flirting with another. He had been sweet to her for a whole two months but the moment a greener intern came in, she stopped existing. I will not give a full account of her whining, which she did all the way.

In my mind, I already picture the guy; the killer- pest. He is a heart throb. The kind of person any lady would have a crush on. He is excellent at grooming and always looks flawless without an effort. He knows he looks good since he sees the ogling he gets wherever he goes. Fortunately for him and not for ladies, he knows that very few can manage to mumble a no to him. His mastery of flattery melts even the hardest hearts and will lift anyone off the ground. A master of his trade, he knows just what ladies love to hear . He never runs out of compliments, even when you are having a bad-hair – day. In a nut shell, this guy is a flirt, He enjoys amassing fragile hearts only to break them one by one.

Am sure this subject is not alien to most ladies, if not all. There’s that guy who made you feel like nobody else mattered to him. In only a few days of acquaintance, he had flown you to cloud 9. How you got back to the ground, you cannot remember but you know you came down with a thud. You feel cheated on but the truth of the matter is you dragged yourself into the mess. He never asked for your heart in the first place. All he did was drown you in a puddle of compliments and you fell for it. Naivety had the better of you and let it get into your head. Do not go about telling everyone what a cheat and heart breaker the man is. He is just endowed with a sweet tongue which he uses as bait for your kind. Your kind are the ladies that openly show a man that they are crazy about them. You have never mattered to him, and that’s why he’s with somebody else.

Ladies need to tell when a man is genuinely into them and when he’s just flirting. This is so because some are nursing broken hearts occasioned by an encounter with a flirt. It is even sadder when some go to the extent of ditching their real men, in pursuit of a mere fling with a flirt. The sooner we are able to sort the wheat from the chaff, the better for the Queendom of Eve. I do not intend to take sides here but I think flirts are not to blame . Candid advise to all ladies; never let a man realize too soon that you have a crush on him. This way, you guard your heart against a butchering it may not survive. On the other hand, some of us choose to flirt along . To them I say;lets take the road and see where it takes us.


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