Early SUEU Campaigners, Allow Me To School You


Egerton Campus Life is slowly but surely becoming awash with political statements. Some of the makers of the statements appear to be too concerned with their political needs and aspirations that they forget there are rules everywhere which must be followed. The bearers of the statements appear to be forgetting how serious social media has become that a single statement made out of the pressure to impress might land one in trouble.

Before they commit political sins that may see them disqualified from the race to occupy the ‘house on the hill’ let me school them on the legality and illegality of their early campaigns.

The drafters of the SUEU Constitution were not daft enough to set a side a whole chapter on ELECTIONS! Chapter six of the SUEU constitution talks about election and election regulation rules. Article 55, Section (V), Sub-Section (II) of the SUEU constitution states categorically that “There shall be set aside, as determined by the electoral commission a period not exceeding 14 academic days excluding university events days such as half semester break, culture week, open day and any other day determined by the commission for purposes of campaign during the SUEU election period”. This means that unless the electoral commission says so, nobody is allowed to make political statements in the name of campaigning or soliciting for votes.

In case you are wondering, the electoral commission for the 2013/14 SUEU elections is yet to be established. Therefore, the guys already campaigning on ECL are not operating within the constitutional campaign timelines. However, the SUEU constitution is silent on the repercussions of such electoral offenses that will leave aspirants who are followers of the law at a disadvantage.


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