A Degree Is Not Everything…After All!


Kenyan Education system has always been accused of producing half baked graduates that cannot provide solutions to the ever increasing human problems. Many of the Universities have been accused of duplicating degree programs and coming up with other programs that would have served well as units under a broad program. This may be true considering the number of jobless Kenyans and those doing jobs that are not related to their professions at all.

This therefore means that graduating from a Kenyan University is no longer as prestigious as it was before the government started issuing chatters to collages and making them Universities without observing the due process. These collages that were upgraded, together with the commercialization of higher education diluted the type of education those who went to the University before the 21st century used to get.

As Egerton held its 28th Graduation Ceremony on Friday 26th July, many of the graduates will fall back to the ‘jobless’ group of Kenyans unless they make use of their innate talents. Apparently, in the present world, a degree doesn’t guarantee one a job. It might make one better than the rest – but to be the best, one has to be innovative, a free thinker and an initiator. It’s not the degree that will ensure ones survival but it’s up to them to make sure that they survive in whichever environment they find themselves in after their life at campus.

With HELB at the neck of the ex-camposarian swearing to come for their dues by all means, there’s no time for a young graduate to sit back at home and enjoy the honeymoon of graduating. It calls for one to be already trying out different ways of ensuring that they avoid being blacklisted by HELB – an entity that is still not yet ready to embrace the devolution spirit. Being blacklisted by such an entity means that one’s ways of acquiring money and repaying back the loan they owe the Higher Education Loans Board are further reduced to close to nothing.

In the current dispensation, innate talents of individuals are what differentiate them from the rest of the pack with the same qualifications. One has to make themselves useful in their innate talents as they wait for the big break in their career …which might not come. We all know that nowadays searching for a job in Kenya is equivalent to searching for a pin in a haystack. Only lucky ones manage to get without a sweat. For the rest of the pack, don’t be surprised to find yourself earning from your talent rather than your profession!

Therefore, it’s time we went back at exploiting what we have rather than what we acquire in school. Let what we learn in school just help us do what we already know better. Let’s not forget the first love…the first skill.


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  1. this is the reality that our eyes are not yet opening up to see,its good that someone like u have the third eye that foresees the future of naive kenyans that the system is going to screw.

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