#Twittertonians New Cabinet


In conformity to the new constitution and as a requirement by the law, ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the new #Twittertonians Cabinet. This is a body of able bodied young Egertonians – with the real digital blood flowing through their veins. They’ll help spearhead the #Twittertonians affairs on and offline and keep the Egerton University Represented fully.

In this new Cabinet structure, there will be no Assistant Cabinet Secretaries. This is in line with our effort to reduce redundancy among Government officials. Those loyal #Twittertonians who will miss out on this list should not despair. They’ll have their time to serve the people

His track record in the previous Cabinet is impressive.He has always ensured that #Twittertonians get the nourishment of the soul that they need. He even created a platform on which he shares enough Inspirational and bible quotes to the #Twittertonians nation and ensures that he tags everybody along the conversation.

These, among other qualities makes him suitable for the position.

Her glorifying choruses are sung on #MKZ, I hope she brings her activism on #Twitter streets for the good of the #Twittertonians. Though still with an egg as an avi, she’s likable and ladies can be sure that she will empower them.

She brings to the Cabinet her wealth of experience in multitasking and Campus event organization. She is also famed for talking tough…but has a soft spot for almost everyone as long as you can get along.

Expected to make sure that all Tweeps from Nakuru Town Campus join the #Twittertonians trend, his position as a Radio Presenter @EgertonRadio will be of advantage.

He brings with him a wealth of experience in noise making and cracking jokes that he alone laugh at. We expect that his position in the cabinet will bring more Town Campus #Twittertonians on board and create him enough audience for his jokes.

He has kept his #MKZ trend of informing guys on what’s happening all over the place. He was the first one to upload the profile of our new Chancellor on #MKZ.

In this new Cabinet, we expect his twitter presence to be felt as he endeavors to inform #Twittertonians on what’s happening in the local and international scene. This is pivotal in ensuring the growth of the Comradeship.

With the continued mastery of the best rooms off-campus at the cheapest price, he’s still the best man for the job.

Especially now that the Digital Joke happened in Egerton, many people are going to miss out on room allocation. You all need to get in touch with the Secretary and secure yourself the best rooms out of campus at an affordable price.

Geared towards obtaining the best of the grades – not sure if he’s really getting them though – he’s the right man for the job. Be sure to confirm with him when and where your lecture will be even if you are not doing his course. He knows that he’s different that’s why he does outrageous things like having a miscarriage during the 8th month of pregnancy yet he’s a man.

A musician by choice – or is it by profession – he’s expected to identify and nature different forms of talent among #Twittertonians. His musical experience with several hits to his name will give him an edge towards finding, naturing and supporting any kind of talent.

Always in a struggle, this docket will keep her occupied. from #OccupyHallsDepartment to wanting to understand football, she’ll lead other #Twittertonians in the struggle to find themselves, then find their purposes in life.

9. ATTORNEY GENERAL @Victormkubwa
Having been ‘The Students’ Lawyer’ and ‘Director Strongholds Management’ in SUEU and previous #Twittertonians Cabinet respectively, he’s best suited to offer valuable pieces of legal advice to the fraternity.

His wealth of experience in Demonstration Law, Scapegoats Law, Stone throwing Law and all other laws you may think off is of value to the #Twittertonians. Therefore, as he retires from SUEU politics, we expect him to take up his role as the legal adviser to the #Twittertonians Government and be vocal on twitter.

10. DEPUTY PRESIDENT @Duchessdaisy_
This is in recognition to what ladies do to keep the #Twittertonians live on Twitter. Her petite body will enable her to maneuver through the Twitter streets with ease to the point of convincing the likes of @Droid254 that they are #Twittertonians.

She will also be responsible for setting trends for the #Twittertonians on Saturdays in the absence of the President.

To the rest of the #Twittertonians, be ready to keep the fire alive on social media. Comment, Analyze and talk about anything and everything that affects you as a student at Egerton University. always remember to use the #Twittertonians hash tag to get noticed by fellow #Twittertonians who will follow you.

We’ll in the coming Semester organize for the Third #Twittertonians Meeting. Make a point of attending and let’s know each other and get connections in the process. It works! Let’s keep following each other and conversing…that’s the #Twittertonians Spirit.

By The #Twittertonians President


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