Earn A Ticket To Kenya’s Hall Of Fame By Neemo Alice


Being rich and famous in Kenya is one difficult road. Whoever takes it either gets there or gives up on the highway, brutally beaten up by the harsh conditions? There’s a breed of citizens who will make do with fame alone. It is better to have a piece than none at all, you agree. This kind is unfortunate that they lack the flashy cars and admirable wardrobes. They may not be trendsetters but they have wits, which is far much better.

So you ask yourself, how do people end up making the news or even breaking news in this country?

Their humble selves will bring glory to Kenya in an hour or two. Yes, am talking about our sportsmen. Talk of our National Rugby team, marathoners and the likes. They were ordinary daughters and sons of the soil until the moment they flew Kenya’s flag high. This landed them into our heroes’ books scribbled with indelible ink. These ones pant their way to fame, but bigger is their smile to the bank.

There’s this other lot. The politicians and the businessmen, wondering why I put them in the same category. Politics and business have one thing in common; there’s always someone trying their best to outdo you. Drop your guard and kiss goodbye your dream of ever making it big. The likes of James Mwangi (Equity CEO) and Raila Odinga are not names that were made in a day. The reputation of their kind is a result of a heavy investment of passion, sweat and a times tears.

Mention Miguna Miguna, Kamlesh Patni, John Githongo and controversy registers in your mind. These names were made amidst controversies which up to date have not been unraveled. This has so far been the almost easiest way for the big fish to draw attention to themselves. Scandal after scam and their names have to pop up somewhere.

Who doesn’t know how Otonglo warmed his way to the presidents heart to earn himself a scholarship, not to mention the privileges extended to his family. That’s an alternative route to fame. Be smart, be creative, and be FUNNY! One would have been dismissed for imagining that cracking people’s ribs would one day put food on a table. Ask Eric Omondi, Churchill Otoyo and Jalan’go, the list is endless. They will tell you that this is a bumpy road too, one that demands a lot of resilience.

Do or say weird things, weird enough to buy you an interview on national TV and I guarantee you some airplay. Andrew to Audrey is one headline that still rings in our heads. What of the Chinedu and Akinyi Saga, Jehova Wanyonyi- the god! How can anyone forget the recent bizarre incidents of some men making out with animals? I choose to say no more on this category, lest I wake the sleeping dogs.

There is this other way to get some airplay; CRIME. Remember the likes of Matheri, Cheruiyot, Wanugu, the graveyard thieves? I know your list is longer. This is however a road only the too daring take. Those who know that they could be more famous dead than alive.

For those who hunger and thirst for fame, there are more options, these being only the common. Whichever road you take is likely to lead you there. The end justifies the means.


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