Which community Is Egerton Radio Serving?


Egerton Radio Does Not Recognize The community It's Serving

Egerton Radio Does Not Recognize The community It’s Serving

If I were to put earphones in my ears and listen to a radio station 10 times in a day, you can be sure that 6 out of the 10 times, I’ll be listening to Egerton Radio 101.7FM. The other 4 times will be shared between Hope FM, Kiss 100 and Milele FM. That’s how an ardent fan of Egerton Radio I am – yet still diverse. My station of choice however fails me in many ways than one. I always get confused when they keep saying that they serve the community.

Wikipedia tells me that the word ‘Community’ refers to “a usually small, social unit of any size that shares common values.” In this context, I’m meant to believe that Egerton Radio is meant to serve “The Students’ Community.” Nakuru is endowed with a lot of Campuses, middle level collages and Day Schools whose students are to form part of the station’s listener-ship base. It’s shows are supposed to be tailored around students, aspiring students and former immediate students. The type of news aired on the station should be ones that will make a student tune in.

A simple research around Egerton University shows that most students tune into the station just to request a song. Once the song is over and done with, they tune back to any other station other than Egerton Radio. One may wonder, Why so?

Sample a show, and let’s look at it. You’ll find that the presenter is always not connecting with the audience. It’s even worse when there are two presenters on a show. They fail to connect and throw the whole show in abyss. The various topics addressed have no direct connection with the ‘community’ they are meant to serve. It’s all about national matters at the expense of ‘student matters.’ It’s all about Jubilee Government or CORD instead of ‘What the University is doing for the students’ or ‘what the students are doing for/in the university.’

Are students justified to tune in to a station that does not address their issues? What will be the difference between two students, one listening to Kiss 100 and another one listening to Egerton Radio? The one tuned into Kiss 100 will get themselves laughing and learning at the same time, while the one tuned into Egerton Radio will have nothing to neither frown nor laugh at.

Well, I know comparing Egerton Radio to Kiss 100 is like comparing Kenya to USA, but sincerely speaking, there’s no justification in tuning to a station that doesn’t recognize you as their listener.

I’m looking forward to the day when “The Breakfast Baraza” will be all about Campus Politics, Campus Developments, Success Stories at Campus, How to Earn While Still at Campus, Job Tips, and all things that relate to Professional Growth. With the Internet allover, the presenter doesn’t have to be an expert in any of the aforementioned fields. S/he can get the correct information at the click of a mouse. Looking forward to a lively “Breakfast Baraza” with guests (mostly students) and life coaches within Nakuru.

The day when “Misdemeanor” will be all about Campus Events, Growing Campus Talents in say Music, Poetry and the likes. This can also include daily or weekly Student Guests talking about their Musical Careers, Campus Events, Associations and even their Various Projects that enable them survive at campus.

I’m still waiting for the day when “Wazee Hukumbuka” will be full of pieces of advice to students on various issues of life. A show full of wisdom that kept peoples’ lives going in the olden days. This can also be used as a platform to grow various talents within Nakuru county.

The day “Generation Y” will be a true representative of the ‘Y Generation’ at Campus. Not just discussing, but also involving the youthful listeners into the discussions through all the ‘G Y Social Media’ platforms. It boggles me when a show for the youth is not live on the latest social media platforms.

This day is yet to come. I know nobody gets paid to go on air at the station – and that might compromise the quality. I also know that all the presenters go on air to gain the experience – and maybe the fame – and this should be reason enough to cut your niche because you never know who is listening!

Therefore, even as some fans – like me – continue listening to the station, we always feel left out. Eventually we may decide to exercise our freedom of choice – but that’s not the way to treat ‘your own.’ We need the station to grow and ‘take the Nakuru airwaves by storm’, but that can’t happen if the station can’t get to recognize the community it’s serving.

As several moles within the Station Management ranks tell me, there’s a scheduled replacement of several presenters on the Station with some fresh blood. I hope this comes with the revamping of the station to make it serve the intended community. They should also bear in mind that apart from Egerton University Students, students form other campuses are also listening in and they deserve some recognition.


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