A Typical weekend in Campus


Campus life is fun for those who have tasted it and more fun for those who have adapted to its swings. Weekdays are characterized by lecture activity with less unrelated activities. The larger percentage of comrades is busy furnishing their CVs as they hop from lecture hall to another.

One would wonder what keeps these people going with assignments and reports to submit almost weekly. Ask an honest one and they’ll tell you that a degree is a communal affair. That’s a story for another day.

Saturday is one wonderful day and most people will confirm. One has woken up to their day off bookwork and is feeling light and liberated. It is that day that when your lecturer is the last thing that crosses your mind, unless your lecturer is also your landlord.

It is also this day that others wake up to nurse sickening hangovers, evidence of their liquid reunion with beer bottles after a sober week. Someone else is somewhere nursing a broken heart that suffered a major stampede in the Friday night escapades.

Given that the next day is set aside for being spiritual, it is time to clean up yesterday’s mess and look forward to a less boring week ahead.

The girl next door has just been dropped at the gate by her ‘uncle’ who picks to see her ‘grandmother’ every Friday. She hallows past the ‘good girls’ who spent the better part of their night in a believers’ fellowship somewhere within school.

Someone else is having his time alone with his books after failing to take notes the entire week. It’s time to attend passive lectures with a comrade’s notebook clumped up in the library.

Another will choose to sleep the weekend away and get over a torturous CAT that gave all the indications of retaking the unit.

The streets of campus are buzzing with activity as students walk in and out of campus, just to breathe some fresh air. It is time to make desperate calls home for those who are still dependents, making sure to paint the perfect picture of a broke in distress.
Come Sunday and places of worship, within and outside campus are thronged with worshipers. It is that day considered as one set aside for making up with the creator. Nobody wants to be at logger heads with “the one up there” with a new week smoking ahead.

However comrades choose to spend their weekend, they have one thing in common. Everybody wants to relax and have a good time, after all who else loves books other than the bookshop.


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