An Open Letter To Egertonians On ECL


Hallo fellow Egertonians, Fellow comrades.

Egerton Campus LifeActually, I don’t know how to start this letter, because I don’t know whether it’s an official or a friendly letter. I however invite you to read through and be the judge. Categorize it in whichever way you deem fit. You can even leave a comment hereunder after reading this letter to let me know which category suits this letter best.

Enough with the mambo-jumbo.

The essence of this letter is to “let you know.” Yeah. That’s actually it! You can stop reading at this instance and scroll to the comment section and leave your comment there. I however advice you, and strongly so, to read on and “Know” what I want to “let you know.” Lemme warn you though, that it’s not the last letter!

You play to the tunes of many guys on ECL who are doing nothing but gauging your stupidity and desperation. Have you realized that? Imagine a guy copy-pasting a post from another Facebook page then there are 101 comments on that post. What does that show? Of course you might not know, but allow me tell you. It shows that anybody who comments on that post is too outdated and uninformed to realize that it’s actually a recycled joke.

Surely! Comrades, do you realize that we are in a ‘World Class University for Advancement of humanity’? Maybe not! Humanity cannot be advanced by the administration alone, we have to show the will to advance. We can’t show the will if we can dance and ululate on a joke stolen from a non-academic Facebook page like “Mahaga za Nyahururu’! Noooo!

On the other hand, a comrade posting a genuine concern will have his post go without any comment, not even a like! Those that comment will comment with stupid pictures which have no space in a page managed by intellectuals. How sad!

Secondly, this letter is about those who always find every opportunity to undermine and demean Egerton University in the eyes of other Universities in Kenya and world over. Well, our University is not-that-too-good after all. But the students make up the University! If you demean it, you are demeaning yourself! Why don’t we try to change ‘the bad’ that is Egerton University instead of running our mouths about it?

As I told you earlier, this letter has no category, and if you are already tired of reading it, please jump to the comment section and pour your heart out! Maybe it will help clearing the air…otherwise, let’s get my perspective!

Everybody is fearfully and wonderfully created in God’s image. Some comrades tend to interpret the ‘fearful’ part alone and ignore the ‘wonderful’ part when referring to fellow comrades. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Unless you have carried out a research, published it and it’s reachable by all and sundry, you have no moral standing to declare that ‘All Egerton Ladies/Men are ugly’…worse still, you can’t blatantly come out to declare that ‘all Egerton ladies are walking corpses.’

It shows how backwards and stupid you are. If you want to seek attention, use another means please. You can use the desperate move of telling guys that you want a lady or guy from Egerton to marry/get married to. You can also desperately comment on every guy’s/lady’s update with‘Will you marry me’ bullshit.

Comrades, I can’t pen off this letter before talking about SUEU. Yeah. We all have mentioned SUEU in one way or another. By the way, the traffic I get on my blog for people searching for SUEU is just marvelous…or should I say outstanding? Astonishing? One thing is true; many guys do not understand what SUEU is, who SUEU is and how SUEU can assist a student.

I’m not an expert, however, I can tell you for free that SUEU stands for “ Students’ Union Of Egerton University”…It’s the students who make up SUEU. So, if SUEU fails, then the students have failed… and vice versa. Therefore, before you sit behind your laptop or your “Kabambe” phone and whine about SUEU, ask yourself what you’ve done as a SUEU Member. What have you achieved towards the betterment of SUEU? Are your cries justified? You can get the SUEU Constitution here and read it for yourself.

Do you know that SUEU has a website, complete with a forum where guys can log in and discuss issues that are affecting them. In fact, you have the liberty of enjoying the “The Right to Anonymity” while in the forum. Have you ever tried to sign into the SUEU forum? I personally tried but couldn’t get through. How many have tried and succeeded or failed? Comment!

I won’t conclude this letter because I still feel I need to talk to you more through letters guys. Therefore, don’t worry, you’ll hear from me again soon enough.



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  1. Good piece Shisia,we need more of such to get to ‘world class university for advancement of humanity’.Remind them that we still have a long way to go nevertheless ‘Egerton Ni Jina,Uni ni wewe’

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