The Political Desert At Egerton Needs A Leadership Rain


Campus politics have for long been an ‘Everybody for themselves and God for us all’ affair. Anybody who wishes to join politics just needed to get a National Political Godfather’s backing before proceeding to recruit a crowd of goons – probably from their tribe – and impose his/her idea on the comrades. For the lack of a better choice, the comrades would ‘die’ with somebody from their tribe or vote for the ‘better’ contender come the election day.

This, as alluded in my various posts on this blog has led to many failures in the various SUEU leadership regimes. Comrades end up electing a pack of individuals – each with his/her own mission, ambition and aspirations – who end up doing nothing come the end of their terms in office.

In the ’80s and early 90s, Campus politicians used to make groundbreaking political and socioeconomic statements that could even keep the National Governments on their toes. Whatever happened, I’m yet to lay my hands on. Maybe, the digital generation is not concerned with the day’s politics – maybe not.

Students’ Union of Nairobi University (SONU) Chairman seems to be the only Campus leader capable of making a statement on a national matter. Whether his statement on the Call for a Referendum was an informed stand or was just some lip service of a Jubilee sycophant is not my worry. Where are the other Chairpersons and Secretary Generals of the other 6 Public Universities? And even the private ones!

CampusA statement from any of them to reiterate or refute the claim by the SONU Leader would be enough to give a new dimension to the whole issue. I believe they are not lesser individuals to not afford some media coverage on the hot topic of referendum!

As Egerton University Students gear up for the next semester in which they’ll hold an election for SUEU office bearers, I can’t help but bring to them the fact that they need to elect servants who are not only going to work, but also keep them updated with the progress of their work.

It’s time the Incoming SUEU leadership thought of setting up a “Media Office” sort of arrangement. This office should be charged with the responsibility of keeping the Leaders updated on what’s happening in the University Cycles and on the National Scene and also to advise them on various stands they can take on issues that affect both the general public and the Student Population – which will have elected them to office.

In a Conversation on ECL, a colleague told me that Egerton is a political desert. Really? This is an assumption that needs to be toppled by the next SUEU Office bearers. Egerton University has the capacity and ability to produce not only academic bigwigs but also leadership and political ground-breakers. It’s all about strategy and schooling the tribal minds around Campus.

Pessimism is also another disease that needs urgent treatment among Egertonians. There’s need to fully embrace the rights and privileges that are enshrined in the Kenyan constitution without forgetting the Responsibilities therein. Pessimistic and self-centered leaders will do nothing but enrich themselves during their time in office.

Comrades need a leader who can stand up for what is right no matter the consequences. A leader who is not shy to speak on a national matter and handle the backlash that comes thereafter with wisdom and integrity.

reelUntil we get leaders who are ready to stick their heads out with courage and speak out for the students, SONU Chairman will continue speaking for all University Students in Kenyan irrespective of the various Students Unions’ stand on the matter is. Until SUEU recognizes the need of a “Media Office” within it’s operations, the SUEU office bearers will forever be in the black-out region when it comes to begin informed on Relevant Campus and National Issues.

Until then, let’s hope and wait!


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