An Open Letter To Freshers At Egerton University – Njoro


Dear Fresher, I hope this letter is neither too early nor too late to inform you you something about nothing in particular but Egerton Campus Life.

How I wish I had the opportunity to meet and even orient the Freshmen and women joining Egerton University in person. I can’t do that because duty calls and a man has got to do what a man has got to do. Right? However, this is my sphere of influence and I hope you’ll get to read this post sooner rather than later. We might meet or might not meet for the rest of my time at Egerton University – maybe because one of us is so much of a celebrity or the other one is so much of an ordinary person to meet.

That aside, I know you have been bombarded with many stories, pieces of advice, theories and many other things. I also know that at least a quarter of you have already engaged in one-night-stands and/or many unimaginable things that I don’t want to mention. Maybe you haven’t…all the same. It’s expected. It’s like a ritual for anybody joining Egerton.

cropped-img_20121121_114959.jpgThis post is however meant to try and tell you AS IT IS. Well, maybe not. I stole that line from my good friend Victor Ooko. I will however tell you that you will definitely appreciate the food that is prepared at the Mess before realizing that it’s substandard – and not subsidized. You will also be allowed to think that Kitchenettes are a waste of students’ time and money – but later, you’ll appreciate that it’s one of the cheapest way of survival at campus. The only place you can go with your Sufuria full of water and come out with a lump of Ugali and some greens to go with!

After your one-night fling with a continuing student – or even a fellow fresher, you are allowed to rant and rave on Facebook, Twitter or even ECL of how men are bastards or how Egerton ladies are cheap hoes or walking corpses. But remember to get over it ASAP or else you will forever be a loner. I bet you don’t wanna be the guy or chic who always have nothing good to say about fellow comrades! No you don’t, get over that escapade and take it as part of the orientation process.

Hallo fresher, are you still with me? There’s something called SUEU. If you have ever visited Egerton Campus Life Facebook page, alias ECL, I’m sure you have ever come across this term. I don’t know the picture of SUEU ECL posts have created in your mind. I don’t care to know either. But one thing is for sure, close to 50% of Egertonians DO NOT KNOW WHAT/WHO SUEU IS! Well, somebody might burn me in my house for saying that. It’s however the truth.
Many guys will complain about SUEU but if you ask them what SUEU is or who SUEU is, they will shut the f*ck up for sure. Therefore, before you jump into the bandwagon of demonizing SUEU, please get your facts right. It helps.

You are allowed to attend all classes without failure, submit a lecture quiz that was meant for making a rather dull lecture lively for marking and even demand that your lecturer tells you if he’s your “Class Teacher” read as Class Lecturer. It’s okay because soon you will be skipping lectures like no-one’s business. You will be loving it when the lecturer resorts to story-telling because that will translate to less notes during exams. Soon, you won’t want to see the lecturer that used to fascinate you anymore.

Please don’t make it your goal to know every corner of Egerton before you graduate. There are a myriad probable things. One, you will definitely not succeed. Two, you will fail your CATs if you don’t read. Three, you might not graduate. Four, I will stop here to cut the long story short.

It’s not always about Egerton Campus Life. We have the #Twittertonians family on twitter. This is one family that I can attest of it’s reliable connections and help. Join it and know what’s happening around Egerton.

My eyelids are now heavy with sleep and this is one other thing you should expect too – especially if you are having some part-time job while still at Campus. You have to ensure that things balance out. Always look out for opportunities because Campus life is preparing you for the World. You are at the final stage of 8-4-4! There’s no school ahead.

402322_10150635923152429_1334120152_nIf you have a talent, this is the place to nurture it. If you have an ambition, this is the place to fulfill it. If you have a dream, this is the place to live the dream. Do not concentrate on your course too much forgetting that your talent can also pay your bills! Do not concentrate on your talents so much forgetting that your course can still pay your bills.

Having said that, I welcome you officially to Egerton University and to Denshispeaks! Feel at home ….away from home of course!


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