#WeAreOne: Will Egertonians Donate Blood?


The Egerton Students Leadership is failing. I have to point out this. Everybody is singing the #WeAreOne song everywhere, including on Social Media – save for the Egerton Students Leadership whose song died with the first attempt at it. After the Sunday attempt at mobilizing the students to go donate blood at Nakuru PGH failed,it’s like we both settled and decided that our best contribution would be to crowd the various TV rooms and marvel at the happenings in the besieged Mall.
Kivondo and Team, your term is not over yet! Do not break the proverbial pot at the door. The only way you can redeem yourselves s if you can organize for willing and qualified comrades to donate blood. I’m sure there are those who have spend their own money to PGH and back. I loud them, but the rest who can’t skive classes or who do not have the fare to Nakuru and back, but are willing to donate blood are banking on you.
My view was, the SUEU leadership would have coordinated with the Egerton Red-cross team to have a blood donation tent within Campus. I understand that Classes have resumed on a serious note and no one would love to miss a class. Having the Donation Tent within Campus would have enabled many Comrades to donate blood at their convenient time.
The Kenya Red-Cross may have exhausted their personnel and therefore unable to send some to a ‘bush’ Campus like Egerton University. However, I’m sure that their blood-holding facilities and the donation equipments are not limited. They can still – with the right coordination with the Student leaders – bring the facilities and allow the Medical Trainees within Campus assist in the exercise.
Egerton needs to stop underestimating the power of its trainees. In a time of a crisis, it’s we , the students who can stand in the gap and save the situation. We need to take charge of our University and be responsible not only within the University but also in the nation at larger
I’m still unsure if the SUEU Director Special Programs Miss Joyce Chebet Lagat knows that this is a special program that falls directly under her Docket. Egerton Campus Life being the “Official Communication Medium” of SUEU, we are yet to see the good lady’s direction or even a statement on the same.
If the rest of Kenya will stand in solidarity with their countrymen and women without Egerton -An Institution of higher learning, then We are doomed. This is the time the aspiring SUEU leaders need to put their leadership skills to test. They need to show the students that they can really lead them in doing good – not only to the Egerton fraternity, but to the nation at larger.
The likes of Mr Alex Kibaria, Mr Joseph Kariuki, Mr Ishmael Haron, Mr Steve Biko, Mr. Vincent Hono and anybody else aspiring to be the next SUEU Chair need to stand up and be counted. If I had my way, I’ll give an ultimatum of tomorrow. Egertonians want to donate blood and attend classes. Be the leaders they want and organize for them to stand with fellow Kenyans in solidarity.
If Nairobi University can have a blood donation center within the Campus, Egerton can. We will have even saved the many neighbors of Egerton who can’t get to Nakuru the distance and trouble. We need to be a model University. We need to have Model SUEU leadership. We need to be proactive. We need to style up. We need to be one. We need to donate blood.
As we wait for our sleeping leaders to wake up, let’s continue praying for our defense forces. Those who have some money – however little -continue donating to the official numbers. Help where you can and let the Kenyan Spirit prevail.

This post first appeared in Magazine Reel.


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