2013/14 SUEU Winning Team


Egertonians are torn between voting and not voting in this coming SUEU elections. This is due to the unceremonious send-off of their 2012/13 leaders by the University Administration after the March 2013 demonstration. I’m sure you read about the demonstration here. I’m still working on a piece that will state my stand on their one year suspension from the Institution of higher Learning that is Egerton University approximately 2 weeks ago.

However, it seems like life must move on! That’s why several aspirants collected their nomination papers a day after the suspension of the leaders and a list of the nominees was released on Thursday 17th 2013. With several names missing on the nomination list, the expected blame game happened but again, life must move on! That informs my decision to speak my mind as Denshispeaks on whom I think will form the winning team. Take note that I may not necessarily be supporting the candidates, but irregardless of my support, these are the guys I think will form the 2013/14 SUEU leadership team that the 2012/13 SUEU Chairman referred to as “Prefects”:

1. Chairman

The nomination list had five names. Two days later one Joseph Kariuki stepped down for a fellow aspirant from the House of Mumbi – Haron Ishmael. This decision automatically thrust one Ishmael into the lead. Hono Vincent and Yano Tala may prove to be worthy competitor to the Mukorino but one thing I know about Hono’s support base is that they are a divided house – thanks to the suspension of the former student leaders.

Who is Wahome? Okay, I don’t know, therefore, I’d say Ishmael has a competition in Hono and Yano.

2. Vice Chair

This is a stupid post. In fact, it should either be redefined or done away with altogether. Well, there are two candidates for this seat. Lydia Moraa Nyabuto and Maru Godfrey Kiprop. Need I say more?

Moraa has an advantage of experience, having vied before – but that doesn’t count much. In fact, if I had my way, I would tell her to go put her room in order before dreaming of vying for any SUEU post. Anyway, it’s long since Egertonians had a female vice chair; but Maru makes it to my Winning Team List.

3. Secretary General

Four names on the nomination list but nothing to smile about! For this particular post, I’m yet to see the man who will fit the shoes of one Victor Mkubwa. If, however, allow me to use the words of one of the suspended leaders, then ‘one Masaku is likely to pull a surprise.’

4. Director Academics

I don’t know why they provided comrades with a Volley Ball team to choose from, but James Sila Ngubi is outstanding. Again, why aren’t ladies interested in this seat? I thought the DVC – AA was a lady! Isn’t that enough inspiration to our sisters?

Anyway, this will be a tight race, especially between Sila and Saruni. I’m mentioning Saruni because he has the facial charm for ladies….but do we need beauty (sic) or brains ladies? I rest.

5. Director Finance.

Two ladies, same back ground, different sphere of influence. If I said, Winfred Reins will take this thing pants down, you all will agree with me, but if I said Jepkemoi Winny will take this thing bra down, you’ll ask me “who’s that?”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the two are one and the same person. She has the Social Media influence, but will be Peter Kenneth-like scenario? She also heads a million and one organizations and associations, are her hands full?

Allow me give more time to this post. It has been held – year in year out – by incompetent people. People who don’t know their roles, who only vied because ‘it’s a ladies’ thing’… well, if Winfred Jepkemoi is not going to add value to the position, then it better be made available for male candidates in the next elections.

6. Director Gender, Sports and Entertainment.

Somebody should either WhatsApp, Text or give me a call to explain to me who Mikera Evans and Omondi Leonard are. This does not exempt Chemisto from the radar because I’m sure he doesn’t know how a Try is made in Rugby and what a Volley is….but again there will be a Sports Congress.

Chemisto will make it to the winning team if he assures the DSTV-maniacs that they won’t miss a single game; the Kilimo-night-runners that there won’t be a Friday they will miss to spend at least 50/- in entrance fee and the Rugby Players that they will forever be sponsored in any tournament.

7. Director Special Programs

This is another crowded post. 3 is the lucky number here and one Stephen Kuria Mwangi alias SK Mwangi comes out as able. Though at one point he came out as a male chauvinist on his Facebook Profile by declaring that “all women are the same” he can amend.

However, he must bring out the roles and duties of this post.

8. Director Health and Transport

If it were about beauty, Betty Eliver would have made it any time of the day pants down of course. However, it’s all about the brain and that’s why Job Koech will be on her neck. However, the name “Koech” may mean nothing to me – the gentle man is in fact able – but to other Egertonians, it remains to be seen.

That said, if Betty doesn’t make it to the tram, the Koech will. It’s a tie ladies and gentlemen.

9. Director Security, Catering and Accommodation.

If I had the means and ways, I would mobilize ALL diasporians to vote in one of their own. somebody who understands the kind of Insecurity diasporians have to grapple with. Th guy who knows how hard it is to secure an accommodation slot. The guy who knows how hard it is to use charcoal as a source of fuel.

However, I do not have the means, but I hope after reading this, guys will know the value of what I’m talking about. Cyprian Onyango. I don’t know where this guy resides, but I wish he was residing in the diaspora. That way, I would vouch for him without a doubt. However, with or without my support, i believe this guy will make it to the winning team.


This list displays the views of Denshispeaks. Denshispeaks is a brand and should in no way be associated with the person whatsoever with regard to the views expressed here.

There are 50/50 chances of the Team Making it intact. Your Views are however welcomed in the form of comments or otherwise.


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